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Big 12 Baseball Tournament 2019 Thread

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by GoFrog Yourself, May 22, 2019.

  1. TWSS
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  2. OK State ended up winning the tournament and are now in good position to get a potentially get a national seed.
  3. we are toast. night boys
  4. great.. 2 years in a row missing the tourney after 4 straight CWS?? unacceptable
  5. Why was okie state the home team both games? I’m going to assume higher seed the first and coin flip the second.......let’s see what 11am brings but with our luck I’m not expecting anything.
  6. It really is a strange feast or famine phenomenon with this program
  7. It illustrates truly how difficult it is to reach the CWS and how fortunate as fans we have been. They'll get back. Just sucks to have to wait. Oh well.
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  8. Oh well, we can always root for the BB Gun Team.
  9. TCU could have made the NCAA tournament many ways this season. Is Lamar out recruiting TCU so much that we get destroyed by them at home? How about the 12-1 loss we took to a bad Rice team this year down in Houston. Baseball America has Duke with only 31 wins projected to make the field. TCU had 32 wins in the #2 RPI conference for 2019. I think if we didn't lose at home to Lamar, and our bullpen slams the door shut on Okie State yesterday, then we would have made the tournament with 33 wins and an RPI around 49. With what TCU has to offer a recruit when they come on campus and TCU located square in the middle of high school talent rich Texas, TCU should, at least at a minimum, make the NCAA tournament every year.

    Schloss is high on this recruiting class coming in, so we will see. But I think there are a couple players on this current team that are just plain cursed playing baseball in a TCU uniform.

    2019 was a wasted season.

    Coach P... You're up....Let's win the Big XII football trophy this Fall.

  10. That’s great that he’s high on this class but if his recent track record of not getting guys to campus continues then it’s a worthless sentiment
  11. Frogs are IN the Tourney! Congratulations.
  12. Fayateville regional 6pm Friday. Let’s go
  13. Wow!!!! Very happy to have been VERY VERY wrong.
  14. This didn’t age well.
  15. Helluva post, Curt!
  16. Lol
  17. Cut me some slack... an Alamo Bowl type miracle happened today. Go Frogs!
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