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Big 12 Baseball Tournament 2019 Thread

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by GoFrog Yourself, May 22, 2019.

  1. West Virginia up 9-2 on Kansas in the 4th. Hope for a run rule to keep the games moving today

    Tech vs. KSU at 12:30

    Baylor vs. OU at 4pm

    Frogs vs. Pokes at 7:30pm (hopefully first pitch before 9 tonight)
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  2. Not looking like a good week for baseball at Bricktown. Rain in the forecast just about every day with high winds. I wouldn't be shocked if several of the first games each day get late starts, let alone the subsequent games. We could realistically see only 1 or 2 games starting on time the entire tournament. Get ready to be flexible to watch the last Frogs baseball of the year.
  3. If the Frogs win game one they are going to win the tournament. This program expects to win and be in the Regionals. They have played better away from home and know last year they were in the same position and should have put Baylor away in the 9th. Most of the higher seeded teams know they are in so there is not a win at all cost mentality.
  4. At least the weather should guarantee no famous Brickyard high skies.
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    West Virginia leads 10-7 going to the 7th inning

    12-8 now going to the 8th.

    West Virginia beats Kansas in Game 1, 12-8.
  6. Looks like we’re about 20 minutes behind now. Game 2 should start around 1pm
  7. Puff puff pass, please.
  8. SEC and ACC tournaments are on Sirius XM..Big 12????
  9. Wrong thread!
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  10. This thread has fallen off. What happened to the baseball?
  11. Nobody gives much of a damn.
  12. KSU just did its best TCU impersonation. KSU scores twice in the 7th to cut the lead to 5-4 then the Wildcats go to the bullpen and give up two runs in the bottom of the inning.
  13. You called me stupid a few weeks ago, and that may be true.
    But, you just one-upped me by making a stupid statement like that.
    I care a lot, and I'm sure there are others too.
  14. Tech going w their 3rd pitcher for the T9. Tying run standing at 1B w 1 out for KState
  15. Baylor vs OU starting an hour late. So that 9 o'clock estimate looks pretty optimistic. Gonna be a late night.
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  16. I wouldn't be upset if they went 25 innings and burned every arm they had.
  17. Which team? Both?
    Hard choice. I guess I'd rather see OU win. So, of course Baylor takes a 2-run lead in the 1st.
  18. Rain chances start upward after 10p. We cannot afford to have a suspended game after starting NL.
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  19. I’d rather BU wins (gags). If the Frogs can’t get hyped up to avoid going 0-4 against their rival, they really don’t deserve to advance anyway.

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