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Big 12 Baseball Tournament 2019 Thread

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by GoFrog Yourself, May 22, 2019.

  1. Oh well, off to Windstar for [ the old ricardo ]tails!
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  2. I can agree with that.
  3. Not sure. Was at church until the B8 and the Big 12 stat tracker sux bigly
  4. Tell your fingers to relax.
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  5. Frustrated with all the errors today and the questionable pitching change late, but this team had some damn gutsy performances from a handful of pitchers, namely Chuck, Brandon Williamson, Janczak and Haylen Green.
  6. Sometimes, the best move to make is the one you don't make!
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  7. Luckily this disappointing sports season has ended. Pitching as a whole was awful this year. Usually a strength. Saarloos need to do a better job this fall getting guys ready. Guys while we’re nails last year caused us to bite our nails this year. Only coach that appeared to do his job was mosiello. The offense was good enough to win. Base running is terrible. Defense was terrible. Hopefully next year’s team can go back and play the game right and get back into postseason play.
  8. Maybe low expectations will help them focus and develop
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  9. No way this team gets an at large bid. Only chance was to win the tournament. Hope I am wrong, but I’d bet anything on it.
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  10. Exactly. Weekend rotation will have to be reworked as I would bet Williamson will join Lodolo as a draft pick.
  11. I think King could (and should) as well if the opportunity is there
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  12. Spoken like someone who’s played the game ;), versus some of the baseball tough guys on here. Damn proud of this team the way they gutted it out.
  13. Don't ever forget. We eliminated Baylor.
  14. At least we knocked Bayla' oiut of the tourney and beat UT twice.
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  15. Me too. I looked back on the thread and looks like they were spread around the infield. We really fought though, and I am proud of the way they hung and gave it all we had to the end.
  16. I’m most glad that we got to see JJ compete and throw like he did yesterday. I don’t care what the box score says. JJ won that game and I’ll give Green the save in the unofficial box score. Those innings alone were satisfying enough if we couldn’t win it all.

    Also, apparently he made an error today but got to appreciate Hump. That’s darn near catcher abuse to go that many innings behind the dish in such a short time. What did he get? 1 inning off?
  17. He channeled his inner Isola on a bunt and threw it way inside and into right field

    Where we made a second error when Keefer picked up the ball and threw it behind him trying to make the throw home

    That play - which let a guy score from first on a bunt and the Henry debacle that could have ended the inning with a double play but instead got no outs and allowed OSU to tie it were the back breakers today of the 5

    But they were all pretty bad baseball

    However Humph was nails all tournament both behind the dish and at the plate

    JJ had a great final outing

    Goodloe showed he might be our future at 3b

    And the team fought hard every game after the loss
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  18. I wonder what was said to Oviedo in the 9th after he tried to bunt his way on leading off. Would have been a nice sacrifice bunt but we don’t do those so no idea how that even happened in that moment.
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    How do you feel about 2B? Or

    Let us know where you land next year and keep in touch?
  20. Congrats to Hump (all-tournament catcher) and Josh Watson (all-tournament outfielder)
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