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Big 10 votes to play football this fall....

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Moose Stuff, Sep 16, 2020.

  1. Larry Scott will run into a brick wall with Newsome. He is a committed fool, and will not brook resistance to his crazy edicts and diktats.

    The better news is, the PAC is as good as dead if the likeliest scenario plays out. It's too late to fold in 4 rump members this season to the BIGXII, but whatever comity and relationships that were present in the PAC prior to this are napalmed to ash. Utah, Colo., and the Arizona outfits will be looking for a new home.
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  2. You're assuming he knew it was running to begin with. I'm sure anytime he asks about something campaign related, the handlers pat him on the head and tell him to shut up and eat his pudding.
  3. Responses are gold.
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  4. These idiots in the media live in a delusion that the majority of Americans share their views.
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  5. I read on the Big10 site that if 7.5% of the team tested positive and 5% of those tested test positive they must shut down for 7 days.
  6. Agree completely. Good thing we copyrighted "Big14."
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  7. Then they change his diaper.
  8. considering that michigan state agreed to pay HALF A FREAKING BILLION DOLLARS to the victims of larry nassar, this realllllllllly must be a dark day for the big 10


    most ironic to me as just as we see the wnba players wear the initials of a man charged of multiple sexual assaults of a woman and actually convicted to promote another cause we see a female journalist put the covid story ahead of what was considered one of the biggest scandals in amateur athletics with nassar's prolonged history of sexual assault of under age girls that was covered up by us gymnastics and michigan state
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  9. I'm coming in late and all the twitter comments from Christine (?) and Karen (?) have been removed. Summary anyone?
  11. b10 really curted all of this.
  12. Who would have thunk? Impressed with the Big 12 handling of this so far.
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  13. I guess I'll give her credit, she's not backing down.
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  14. Hilarious, and also quite pleasing to look at. Rutgers got me.
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  15. The Karen of all Karens.
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  16. I’m glad they are back in the mix. But seriously scheiss Ohio State and their fans
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  17. This woman Writes a daily column in USAToday and I can’t figure out why she isn’t on the politics op ed pages. Every single column she right tackles every left wing slant from the horrors of offensive team names, kneeling, BLM, martyring criminals resisting arrest, kneeling, Trump, Kapernick, inequity of coaching hiring, kneeling, Covid, kneeling, Trump...ad nauseum.
  18. That's gotta be just an absolutely miserable existence. I'd consider myself to be very conservative/right wing but I have no desire whatsoever to inject it into everything. The sports/politics/social justice mix just does nothing for me and the same would apply if it were more conservative issues they were focusing on.
  19. She’s a Northwestern grad, portrayed well in the above video...
  20. Now Governor Gavin says that nothing in his restrictions prohibit practicing or playing college football. Except that groups are limited to 12 players. Does that idiot not realize that 22 players are on the field?

    Stupid me, how are the Cali NFL teams playing?
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