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Big 10 votes to play football this fall....

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Moose Stuff, Sep 16, 2020.

  1. That part, especially. That's really long relative to the 10-14 days you're seeing elsewhere. A teamwide outbreak could conceivably cancel 3 games? Yikes.

    Also gonna be a bit of a mess come CFP / NY6 debate (which I think is going to be the only post-season). Is the Big Ten eligible? It'd be a pretty tight schedule to get even 8 games in by then, and that's assuming no cancellations.

    Still, good stuff with the cardiac monitoring and rapid testing, and of course any football better than none. I hate the Big 10, but I'd rather hate them on the field than watch them sit. Really surprised that it was an "all or nothing" setup with the teams, I was really expecting them to go forward but with a handful of the teams sitting out.
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  2. Darkest day in the HISTORY of the Big 10.... LMFAO, what a total embarrassment you are Christine.
  3. The stadium will still be empty. No fans at any of the big 10 games.
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  4. Darren may not make it out of his bed for a few days.
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  5. Seriously. Someone should offer Christine a friendly reminder that a Big Ten member came reasonably close to getting the death penalty when their athletic program was deeply connected to a pedophile scandal. This is worse, in her eyes? Come on.
  6. Good god, what a beating people like her are.
  7. Stewart Mandel completely changed his tune, trying to ride with the wind. A whole bunch of guys I've enjoyed reading over the years have shown their true colors, and it's unfortunate.

    Forde being another
  8. Same goes for KF.c
  9. Oh and Michigan State also had a sexual assault scandal with their head athletic trainer.

    And Ohio State covered up an assistant coach's domestic abuse scandal.

    And Maryland killed a kid.

    But yeah, yeah, returning to play with stringent testing and no fans is basically 12/7/41.
  10. So does a 6-0 Ohio State get invited to the Playoffs over an 11-1 SEC, ACC, or B12 team?
  11. It's "How Have You Outraged Me Lately?"
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  12. Media coverage of COVID in a nutshell really.
  13. Of course. Wins over Northwestern, Illinois, Maryland, Rutgers, Purdue and Indiana should get any team into the playoffs, right?
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  14. She is getting DESTROYED on Twitter.
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    Sorry Brewman but I gotta bring up the (vomit) PAC. Even if/when the Board of Lunatics vote to play, the governor of California has banned college (and high school) football in his state. Does that mean the other eight teams play a seven game schedule? Cali teams can play but only road games? Only seven weekends before a December 12 championship game even if they don't have any cancellations. Governor Newsom will either eat crow or stay the course with no football. If he lets the PAC play does he let the high schools play?
  16. This. So much this. Everybody knows games will get canceled. Just play what they can and let the kids have their opportunity. I'm impressed with the attitude of the student athletes in all of this. They have a keen awarness of the benefit to the public that comes from them playing. Obviously, they want to play, but many of them seem to get that this is going to give people a sense of normalcy.

    For the record, I am always impressed with student athletes. Anybody who thinks that is an easy route to an education is wrong. That schedule is a tough one day in day out. Can't just take cold meds when you need it. Can't just take any over the counter relief when you need it. have to watch what you eat. Can't just sleep in. Have to make your grades. have to deal with family and friends pressuring you for tickets when you mind is already a million other places that are required. The world needs more student athletes.
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  17. I said a while back they had a decent chance at 0-0. #unbeaten
  18. I would guess they'll do everything they can within reason to have all P5 conferences represented, so I'd say an undefeated B10 team would get in over a 1-loss, 2nd place finisher from another conference.

    As for Ohio State, they've gone 70-6 in the six CFP-era regular seasons and have only made 3 of 6 playoffs. I don't really think they are the poster child for CFP committee favoritism but I understand the platform here.

    I will shut up now.
  19. She's a big leftist. She's always popping off about anything and everything. Redskins fans seem to really despise her. Ir was fun to watch her gripe about football players walking around not fully clothed in the football players' locker room. Go figure.
  20. A report this morning makes one wonder if they really intend to let the big 10 play out.

    The report cited that if 5% test positive, it shuts down the whole squad until measures are taken. Whatever that means, it impacts a whole squad if 7 guys test positive. They also said that if a player tests positive, he's out for 21 days.

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