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  1. Got bored and decided to take a look at the SicEm365 site... what a shocker, there were a couple of posts on their life-time obsession, the 61-58 game..I would bet my last dollar that the Historian dude has had more sex (with himself) watching that video than he has ever had with a woman...
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  2. Someone who went to Baylor cheated. Big surprise. Biggest bunch of losers ever.
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  3. I used to read the free Baylor football board a couple of times a month for laughs. Tired of them and bored by them, I am, so I don't go there too often these days.

    The thing that blows me away about the typical BU gloater talking about the 61-58 game is that mentioning the next year's game, that I believe was 72-28, didn't used to kill the thread. The gloaters just ignore the post and plow ahead.

    Seriously, my favorite thread from over there happened years ago, when 2 regular posters disagreed about something profound, and the conversation became personal. One called the other a "bafon". The bafon (sic) replied by calling his fellow poster a "moran". I couldn't make this story up.
  4. It is likely that both of the posters were Steelfrog.
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  5. Everything Baylor is a complete fraud.
  6. Sure, in handcuffs, orange jumpsuit & 2 Texas Rangers. Too harsh? Ok, plan B is Briles goes into a room full of victims Fathers, Brothers & Boyfriends. Still too harsh? He can sign a confession...then hop a plane to Costa Rica.
  7. That new ruling goes against everything that is right. Ms. DeVoss should be ashamed of herself.
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  8. Poor Baylor chode butthurt about Zach Evans.

  9. Baylor is trash. scheiss that clown school and all of the losers that go through there.
  10. The reason I’m convinced TCU doesn’t cheat in recruiting is that if we do, we are seriously freakin bad at it. If we are paying for players I want a few more 5-stars
  11. I've known Ben for a long time. He is a crazy hard worker but has always been a [ Cumbie’s red zone playcalling ] back to his days at the Denton Record-Chronicle. He likes to be a Twitter smart ass but he's an in person kiss ass.

    Again....crazy solid work ethic but just generally a punk.
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  12. So he is Mack Engel wannabe
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  13. Muck can’t even revise the first draft of an “article” he writes. Not convinced Mu has a work ethic.
  14. Saw an article on the internets said Baylor's penalties would come out this summer.

    Didn't the internets say their penalties would be coming out last summer?
  15. Like what? no fans in the stands this fall? Prepare to be underwhelmed.
  16. Any penalties short of 20 years in the electric chair will be underwhelming in my opinion.
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