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  1. It's like the Kennedy Files...they're waiting specifically for time to pass so when they toothlessly gum baylor for a smack on the wrist, no one will even remember why it was such a big deal anymore.

    Unless we don't let them forget it.
  2. Is this the safe space where one can post vulgar things about Chip and Joanna Gaines?

    Asking for a friend.....
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  3. Smack 'em with some shiplap! Just don't overdo it.
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  4. Is Chip trying to blow that hammer?

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  5. all the way to the gloves.
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  6. It’s his Miley Cyrus impersonation.
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  7. Chip and Joanna, sittin' on a tree.
    Dey can both b-l-0w me.
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  9. This was too amazing to not share.

  10. They are certainly #1 in rape.
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  11. Philly, you were asking about the entire KF.c website, correct?
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  12. It's Tuesday and baylor sucks it bigger than chip gaines.
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  14. if you were looking for a good time to do so with about as little attention as possible now might be the time
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  15. Strong words from the judge.

    Man those people are just terrible.
  16. [​IMG]
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  18. had the same thought

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