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  1. Lmao Nope! Not in 236 chump

    “My brother and I walk in with our masks on and fans are yelling at us or talking trash,” Carver said. “I make it known from the start that for four quarters you will know I am here. The look on their faces feels like they have never had fans come in and act like they own the place, but it’s how we walk in there.”
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  3. It’s Monday night and Baylor is trash.
  4. So that's what's wrong with him. He grew up in Waco.
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  5. Hell, you don't need a lead paint theory. If he grew up in that hellhole town, that's enough to scar a person for life. I only lived there for three years, from 6-8th grade, and I still have nightmares. I hated that town. Of the dozen or so places I've lived in my life (military brat) that place is hands down the worst. There is so much sulfur in the water you can smell it; it even has a yellow tinge to it when you hold it up to the sunlight.

    My guess is because it's so close to the gates of hell.
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  6. You were drinking urine.
  7. ...But...

  8. It should be Alumnus by Choice. They probably don't know that. "I am an Alumni !" Poor Baylor.
  9. That's why Aggies just go with "Former Student." Takes away all the confusion, and doesn't require that you actually graduate.
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  10. not all people there are like that.
    well, wait, those who are not usually leave.

    your point stands.
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    With 3 minutes left in the game, Baylor is down by 11 to Western Virginia in Morgantown.

    Now 2 minutes left and Baylor down by 9

    Now 1 minute left and Baylor down by 13

    And now it is final: 76-64 Mountaineers
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  12. There is a God, after all.
  13. Western Virgini can beat anybody in the country in Morgantown this year. The bad news for them is that they can lose to anybody away from home.

    I'm not surprised by this at all. I actually expected it to happen. Darn baylor.
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  14. Q: "What time is it?"
    A: "The little hand is on three, the big hand is on SUCK IT, BAYLOR."
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  15. Hahahaha, eat it Mulkey. The comments, either hate Baylor or Baylor tears.

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  16. It's Monday. [Baylor asshoe]
  17. I'm hearing in April for Baylor, judgement day cometh.
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  18. April showers of tears? Seems appropriate.
  19. I don’t expect much judgment from the feckless NCAA.
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