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Astros cheating....

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Punter1, Nov 13, 2019.

  1. Anything to this Moose??? I remember when Yu Darvish got lit up there a couple times they said he was tipping pitches...always thought there was more to it. Pretty boat move by the Astros if true...

    This could be a huge deal this off season especially after the interview with ex-Astros pitcher Mike Fiers. Next year every team is gonna be going thru signs all game like there is a guy on 2nd...will slow game down...which sucks....


  2. You sound like CGP.
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  3. Losing a lot of respect for their success.
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  4. I assume there is absolutely something to this. Been hearing whispers for years. They have an unbelievable on field product but the culture behind it is starting to reveal itself as a cesspool.

    I would also add that there’s a ZERO percent chance they’re the only ones doing something like this. Perhaps not on the same scale, but take it to the bank it’s happening elsewhere.
  5. I hate the Astros plenty, but to Moose's assumption, there was a tweet from I believe Ken Rosenthal stating that of the sources he talked to, the three most egregious pitch stealers were the Astros, Brewers and Rangers. So, don't talk too much crap if you're a Ranger fan to your Astros buddies. Kind of like SMU/TCU back in the day, ya we both cheated our ass off, but at least they were good at it.
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  6. Sign stealing is as old as baseball.

    Still have to put a tubular piece of wood on a spherical horsehide traveling at speed...
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  7. Astros are a bunch of sheep scheissers that can burn. No problem with trying to steal pitches, but if you are doing it with electronic devices and such, go rot in hell.
  8. MASSIVE difference between stealing signs with your eyes from the dugout and what the Astros are accused of doing.
  9. Exactly. It's baseball, a sport that celebrates chea....I mean "gamesmanship". Don't hate the player.

    Crying out loud, one of if not the most iconic homerun in baseball history was a tipped pitch in Bobby Thompson.
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  10. Okay...massive.
  11. Again, still have to hit it...
  12. Yeah, but knowing a changeup is coming versus a fastball, that is a big advantage to the batter.
  13. But, see, it's only the Astros who use technology to figure out signs. Just that one team.

    Oh, and nobody since Abner Doubleday has tried to figure out signs, or note tendencies, or strengths/weaknesses, or...
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  14. Kind of like s nuke vs daisy cutter. You’re still just as dead.

    If you are stealing signs one way and succeeding and stealing another it’s all the same. Kind of getting in the weeds...
  15. And somehow despite cheating the Astros hit worse at home in 2017 than they did on the road.... they must suck at cheating
  16. The New England Patriots say hi!
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  17. so if you cheat with stone age technology like the new york giants did back in the day with a guy in centerfield with a telescope that is part of the colorful history of the game, but if you innovate that is wrong?
  18. Crisco, Bardol, Vagisil...Any one of them will give you another two to three inches drop on your curve ball.
  19. So, it’s the information delivery system, not the cheating that is wrong?
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  20. Pretty sure the Red Sox got busted for this last year or the year before. They had a video guy sending texts to a trainer on his Apple Watch who would then relay them.

    Not good but the Patriots are the same story in the NFL. I wouldn’t mind that success
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