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Astros cheating....

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Punter1, Nov 13, 2019.

  1. wait, wait, wait, now we have someone in the bullpen watching a live feed they tell someone who positions their hands on a fence over 100 hands from home plate

    there has to be a slight delay between real time and the image of the feed, then telling the person on the fence who then acts so the batter has time to look to bullpen
  2. If it's closed circuit it may be basically real time, very little delay.
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  3. very true, but think about the time between when the catcher flashes the signal, that signal is seen on the monitor, relayed to a person standing at the fence, which is picked up the hitter at a distance of over 100 yards, with enough time to do all this before the release of the pitch
  4. Perhaps pitchers should get the sign and then throw the damn ball instead of hanging out for 20 seconds between pitches and umps should tell hitters to get in the box or any pitch in the zip code will be a called strike. This may work to speed up the game regardless of whether it’s the truth or not.
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  5. Tom Brady stunk in the first half of the "deflategate" game when the football was first discovered to be a lil flat. Came out in the 2nd half with a properly inflated football and torched the Colts. So what's your point??
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  6. Astros did nothing wrong though. That one guy on twitter is just a jealous Yankee fan
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  7. A famous catcher and pitcher were owned by a hitter back in the 50's - might have been The Dodgers.

    So one game the catcher starts telling the hitter the actual pitch he just called.

    Flipped the script on the hitter.

    Knowing the pitch may help some, but knowing the zone to look for is more important.
  8. Nothing like the court of public opinion already deciding the verdict. How about letting MLB investigate and come to the conclusion of what they did or did not do, if they cheated. If they did, hand down the punishment that fits with the findings. Nothing like the Yankee homer pulling up every single bit of things that can constitute them cheating and run with it. The preliminary damage is done by making it seem tainted now. So even if it is a similar punishment as the Red Sox and Yankees with the Apple Watches, people have already made their mind up on the Astros.
  9. He’s literally finding videos and pictures of what National writers are reporting. Not like he’s coming up with all this information on his own.
  10. GM, Hinch and other front office personnel need to be suspended a minimum 1 year. $25M fine. Take away 2020's International money. Take away first 10 pics in 2020 draft. That's what I would do if i were Manfred.
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  11. I just started this thread today. A couple thoughts after reading through everything...

    1) The batter doesn't actually have to hit the ball. He can choose to not swing and walk to 1st. I see a lot more bats on shoulders in these videos than I do swings at tough pitches to hit.
    2) Given that, I'd be curious to see SnoSki look into the Astros walk totals in 2017 and OBP too.
    3) Cheating is acting dishonestly to gain an advantage. Sign stealing is an understood part of the game and isn't cheating when it's done by a runner at 2nd or figuring out the 3rd base coach's signs; as has been pointed out. Those are all out in the open and both sides know anybody in the ball park can see them. In other words, it's not dishonest since it's out in the open. Using cameras changes the understanding, though. It's not uncommon for a pitcher and catcher to change signs after a runner reaches 2nd b/c they are clearly aware of the threat that the signs may be figured out. When there is no runner on 2nd and no perceived threat that signs can be seen, yet signs are being seen by a hidden camera and interpreted for immediate use that constitutes cheating. It is dishonest because the other team doesn't know and consequently can't conceal/change their signs; it also clearly yields an advantage.
    4) If the Rangers are doing this too then darn em. Hit them every bit as hard as everyone else. In fact, they should probably be penalized harder b/c they can't even find success cheating.
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  12. Astros walked 7.7% of the time at home in 2017 and 8.5% of the time on the road......
  13. They should get whatever penalty the Red Sox got plus a little bit to discourage future teams.
  14. Depending on when the cheating occurred, it could be a LOT more than the punishment the Red Sox got.

    After the Red Sox incodent, Manfred put every team on notice.

    If any of the Astros alleged cheating occurred after the Red Sox letter, then they would likely get much more severe penalties.

    The Goldstein email is August 2017, so we’ll see what if anything MLB finds after the Red Sox fallout.

    The language from Manfred:

    “Moreover, all 30 Clubs have been notified that future violations of this type will be subject to more serious sanctions, including the possible loss of draft picks.”

  15. And they still couldn't be the Nats!
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