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Another week, another victim. ESPN Outside the Lines: Baylor didn't investigate sex assault claim a

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by TCUdirtbag, Apr 13, 2016.

  1. Another breaking news story on sexual assault by a Baylor football player and Baylor's failure to act:
  2. Pretty clear there are some serious issues with Baylor administration, and with Waco PD. 
    This particular case looks pretty hazy, but it's more smoke on an already flaming fire. 
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  4. This is not just one or two players. It is now multiple instances. Is this five players of recent now?

    At what point do heads roll at BU? University admin and FB coaching staff covering up and shelving investigations. The covering up and downplaying theses cases is the problem.
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  5. I hope TCU enacts the strictest title 9 compliance program in the nation.
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  6. Disgusting
  7. Win at all cost is what Art thinks #youngbrand #reality #RapeU
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    It boggles the mind that Ken Starr and Ian McCaw are still employed.  
    This is a never-ending scandal. And this report makes it clear they just [Craig James] their pants after the Ukwuachu conviction and resulting media outrage and tried to clean this one up/sweep it under the rug. 
    The Elliott case was appalling.  Ukwuachu was sickening.  The continuing stream of misconduct by Baylor that keeps leaking out should be criminal.  
    And let's not forget about the ones not involving the football program, which are just as much--if not more--gruesome in the way Baylor admin handled the reports/investigations.  
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  9. I would imagine the latest victims would have a strong case to sue the entire school for turning these blind eyes.
    I hope they own the school after all this...
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    Bethany McCraw is still scheissing employed for gods sake
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  11. It's very sad that this is a true statement and not just BU hate. It's becoming crystal clear that Briles and the University have had opportunities to set an example and correct the problem. He has recruited, harbored, defended, and covered up rapes/rapists and pointed the blame elsewhere and it has now become an epidemic at that university and perhaps Waco as a whole. Seeing how their town paper, their police force and their University have seemingly joined forces to keep these assaults under the radar. It's terrible to see that it takes an OTL special report for them to finally start handing out punishments. Just awful all around.
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  12. .
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  13. Some may know more, but by all accounts the same lack of control of the football team was exhibited at Stephenville HS.
    It's an MO. Art Briles says scheiss the world as long as we win at football.
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  14. It is grotesque because it has moved past the active recruitment of players known to be risks, with a history of violent behavior against women and the subsequent multiple acts of violence carried out by these players, to the active suppression of law enforcement (when they did bother to investigate) and persecution of the female victims of these players.

    In a sane society, people would already be in jail. That all of these Rape U. creatures are still slithering around free and continuing their activities is appalling. There are clear, multiple violations of due process and law here, not to mention the ongoing damage to what may once have been an honorable institute of higher learning. And yet, nothing is done...
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  15. If this isn't lack of institutional control, I don't know what the hell is...
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  16. Again, I'd remind everyone this is bigger than just Baylor football (though their culture certainly appears to be part of the problem).  There are documented reports of non-athletes being raped/assaulted by non-athletes and the university being equally as negligent in their Title IX investigations (or, more often, lack thereof).  
    That said, here are some facts with regard to the cases specifically involving Baylor athletes:
    • Elliott was convicted of only 1 rape, but multiple victims testified they were assaulted by him during the sentencing phase of his trial
    • Baylor football knew of the charges against Ukwuachu and buried them for months, going so far as to having assistant coaches assuring his return just weeks before his trial
    • Bethany McCraw told one victim she wasn't the first to report a certain player had sexually assaulted her, but there was nothing Baylor would do
    • Baylor knew of the rape kit in the Ukwuachu case but did not seek permission from the victim to review its findings, instead just clearing Ukwuachu
    • Baylor forced a sexual assault victim to stay in class with her rapist or change her schedule to get away from him
    • Baylor refused to give counseling or academic support to a female student athlete raped by a football player, and that female athlete's scholarship was subsequently reduced and she transferred out
    • Baylor sat on rape allegations for YEARS without investigating them
    • Baylor dusted off old cases only after bad press from the Ukwuachu incident and then encouraged players to transfer rather than challenge Title IX findings
    This is just what comes to mind first. I know there's more disgusting facts to add to this list.  But it's time someone other than a few at ESPN and Texas Monthly hold the institution accountable for the way they've handled these allegations for years.  And how they're now handling them by thinking about PR rather than the victims.  
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    You're absolutely right.  I really don't know how much longer Baylor can keep up this "bunker mentality" and do absolutely nothing, as well as not answer for the continuation of these sickening sexual assaults specifically in it's football program (see Art Briles refusal to speak to the DMN for their story published yesterday).
    Then again, what are the consequences?  No one (fans, big donors, board members, administration, students, etc) are calling for the heads of Briles, McCraw, Starr, McCaw et al.  
    Sure, we are outraged and sickened, but no one inside Baylor or affiliated with Baylor seems to care.  At least that's the perception.  Am I wrong?
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  18. https://twitter.com/espnpr/status/720293735918149632
  19. This is WAY bigger than Briles, although he deserves his fair share of the blame in this.
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  20. I wish Baylor would clean it up.   It can't be great that member institutions look like this.   How are we going to look at 12 members when we look like this at 10?

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