All SMU had was basketball. And Jamie took it.

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  1. We are starting to sound like the elitists we used to despise.
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  2. Yes, but those are not women.
  3. Generational. We younger TCU alums come by it much more naturally.
  4. Instead of tailgating, they can do some Top Golf then head over to the Bowl game. After game drinks and food at Rick N Brews.
  5. You clearly haven't been around many SMU fans lately talking about their basketball program. They act like they invented basketball just because they've made it all the way to the first round of the tournament a couple times.
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  6. But SMU has red brick.
  7. And white cocaine.
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  8. The SMU guys sitting next to me last night were not obnoxious.
    They thought the officiating sucked (I did too), but were very impressed with KW and our passing offense, couldn't believe we scored over 75 points and shot over 50%, etc.
    Actually said "good game" when it was over.
    I sit in a section that has several TCU season-ticket holders who show up for most games, but there are a bunch of season tickets that are sold on the aftermarket, usually to opposing fans. As far as I know the two seats next to me have never been occupied by the season-ticket holder.
  9. Yep, they're unbeaten in baseball since the end of the 1979 season.
  10. So SMU basketball fans are basically Baylor football fans
  11. Darn, dirtbag getting after it this evening. Always had a ton of respect for dirtbag, especially his baseball GDT's. But after this rant, I guess I have a little more respect for him. To quote one of my other favorite baseball posters, scheiss smu.
  12. The fact they sell beer at their football and basketball games is something that truly registers with me. Had my fellow TCU alum sister in last night from Chico Ca who’s a fund raiser for Chico State and first thing she said when we walked in was let’s get a beer. She couldn’t believe we’re not selling beer yet - think every college game in Cal sells beer. Probably one reason Arkansas won’t be coming back to the B12.
  13. We should innovate and sell weed.
    Btw, where da pics of your sister?
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  14. Great point and great question.
  15. 1. Their arena is more intimate - seats are/feel closer to the floor

    2. Their arena is louder - Our game against them was a pathetic showing compared to how it would have been at Moody

    3. They sell beer

    Let's not get all high and mighty before acknowledging these simple facts. We need to step up our game.
  16. No, we will never stoop to their level.
  17. Beer doesnt make an arena better. Non factor.
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  18. But it does make it louder.
  19. Then sell PCP. It would be the loudiest arena in the nation.
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  20. And?

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