All SMU had was basketball. And Jamie took it.

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  1. I don’t acknowledge that we need to step up ANYTHING in an effort to be more like SMU.
  2. Beer does make it louder, especially for those prime weekend games. And on that note, you're going to attract more casual fans when you sell beer, especially on the weekends... because you sell beer.
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    We have lots of room to improve and I am sure we will - 5 years ago we were begging people to watch arguably the worst D1 program in MBB.

    But what I do know from our football and baseball success is the first way to recognize your program is beginning the path to being elite is that your old rivals start talking about how their facilities are nicer, their fans are better, their history is longer, their recruiting rankings are higher, ....

    Everything but how TCU is better on the field, diamond or court - where it actually matters to WINNERS.

    So we must be moving in the right direction because for basketball SMU fans sound just like UT fans about football...
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    Their arena isn't badass, it's jut bad. The upper seats are among the rafters and have horrible sightlines. The concourses are narrow and cramped. The whole place is just claustrophobic.

    I like airy, open feel of Schollmaier Arena.
  5. This actually made me spit my coffee. I can just imagine the players down on the court trying to play amidst the shrieks and screams of tripping fans, and the occasional junkie that climbs onto the rafters and falls 70 feet to the floor in an attempt to fly.
  6. Loudness is a function of the crowd, not the arena. Until very recently, their fans have simply had more to cheer about. If you never heard the old Daniel-Mayer Coliseum when it was rocking (and it has been a long time), it's as noisy as virtually any arena anywhere. Just continue the basketball success, and we'll get there at Schollmaier.
  7. Rick Majerus said DMC was the loudest place he’s every coached a game. That’s saying something considering he’s been to Cameron Indoor and a lot of other high profile buildings
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  8. I was in the baskeball band for Billy Tubbs, and lemme tell you, people used to hate coming to play there. The band was RIGHT on top of the opposing bench, and between the volume of the music, the screaming fans, and insults hurled from the was pretty friggin' loud.
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  9. smu fans are claiming on ponyfans that attendance was maybe 2000 people--I no longer have a posting account but maybe someone will go link the TCU twitter that shows a almost full arena to shut those dorks up
  10. They brought at least a few hundred but unless these other hundreds wore purple, that's fake news (from SMU, shocker)
  11. Must be hard being an smu fan and seeing your once rival achieving greatness!
  12. Reminds me of when I was 11 and our league all star team made the Pony League World Garland.
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  13. I remember in the Killer and Tubbs days it would get so loud that you could not hear yourself think. You could feel your eardrums vibrating. You would try to say something to the guy next to you and there was nothing you could hear. You'd just shrug your shoulders. That's how loud it needs to get to.
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  14. yep and it will again.

    I still say the NIT home game against Nebraska was the loudest sporting event I have ever attended. My ears ringed for days
  15. What a year that was, I think we upset Arkansas in overtime at the SWC tournament then lost the championship game to Houston and ended up going to the NIT.
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  16. True account
  17. Impossible, round arenas are incapable.
  18. funny thing about the SMU fans bagging on our arena - while I do agree that a rectangular arena allows you to feel closer to the playing floor on the lower levels - anyone that has any knowledge of acoustics will readily admit that a round arena has the ability to be significantly louder at the same level of acoustic generation.

    I don't remember the number from engineering class so long ago exactly but its like 1.57 or something times as loud in a round enclosure vs one with 90 degree corners.

    So really we can blow the doors of those donkey lovers when we get the crowd's excited - too bad that will never be for SMU since no one around gives a crap about them anymore despite what they wish - we have moved on to bigger fish to fry in the B12
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