All SMU had was basketball. And Jamie took it.

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  1. I’ve got several SMU coworkers and hoo-boy were they down in the dumps today. Their football program is still only drawing dozens of fans, playing in the vaunted Frisco Bowl, and their coach abandoned them. All they have is basketball. And they’ve only had that for a hot minute because they hired a coach that came in and cheated and bailed when the sanctions hit.

    They literally have nothing else. So they took pride in their moody magic. Pretended they cared and mattered.

    Then TCU opened its checkbook and bought the best program in the metroplex. SMU is and will continue to fall behind. We have more money, more resources, a better coach, a better league and a lot more to offer recruits.

    Took a gander at PonyFans’ meltdown thread. They have several thoughts:

    “The arena sucks.” Um, okay. Whatever you say. It’s the same size as yours and just as loud.

    “Their fans are quiet.” Yeah so were yours until like 4-5 years ago. In a year or two we’ll figure it out.

    “Recruits won’t want to go there when they can go to SMU.” LOLLLL. Okay. We play home and home with Kansas, Texas, OU, Baylor, OSU, Tech, etc. in the #1 RPI league. Our coach has won conference titles and national coach of the year awards. But yeah, they want to play Tulsa and Navy and Houston and Tulane and ECU and UCF and USF in league play. Sure.

    “The game was on a dumb channel.” Cool. You have 10 games that aren’t even on TV. All but 2 of ours are. And come league play they’re all on ESPN networks. So let’s get some perspective here and remember where the American and SMU are in the midmajor subset of teams.

    “We made the tournament recently [blah blah blah].” Cool story, but you haven’t won a tournament game since 1988. One year after TCU’s last win in 1987. So let’s not pretend you have any recent Tournament history that isn’t pure disappointment.

    Bring me all the Pony Tears. Their #1 sport can’t even beat our #3 sport. Welcome to your rightful place, Ponies: below TCU.
  2. Everything you said, except their arena is badass. Wish we replicated a little but more of the closeness to the court (and they sell beer which helps)

    All that said, Pony down [ hundin]!
  3. I approve of all of this.

    You can point to the Kaden Archie / Feron Hunt situation as direct evidence that we have already gained the upper hand in recruiting.

    Also Jankovich’s dye Job reminds me that my shoe polish kit is low on brown.
  4. Moody isn’t on par with the Scholl IMO. Not even close. It’s old and looks/feels outdated. It is rectangular, (so they have that going for them, which is nice). But that’s about all it’s got.
  5. True...true, OP, but I can't help feeling you just took a sledgehammer to a Pissant.
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  6. to be fair, it has been many years since we have beaten them in baseball
  7. I havent been to new Moody whats so great about it?
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  8. They claim since ours is round that it is inferior.

    Then all one has to do is point out that Wichita State is round and was designed by the same architect as the old Daniel Meyer. Both schools renovated and still kept the round design. That tyically shuts them up till they call us Texas criminal university, ugly brick, fort worthless or some lame academic talk. They have a big inferiority complex.
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  9. False and misleading. Their women's equestrian team is good (in fact, undefeated).
  10. That dye job is awful. I couldn’t stop staring at it.
  11. I can’t imagine an SMU fan saying anything about TCU and reacting by doing anything but laughing. I mean I honestly couldn’t possibly care less about anything than I do about SMU. They might as well not even exist.
  12. So many salty SMU fans after the loss to TCU. Poor Smew and they lost the FB coach as well
  13. I agree with the original post entirely, but it caused me to think about SMU 2 minutes longer than I otherwise would have for all of 2017.
  14. Yeah, but they are going to a bowl game in they've got that going for them.
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  15. Party in Plano!
  16. Funny you say that. I had an SMU fan behind me at the football game this year. He was doing that thing where you're not necessarily talking directly to anyone, but just loudly saying how our offense sucks, the officials suck, blah, blah, blah trying to piss people off around him. I never said a word, I never even turned around to look at him. I just started to loudly laugh every time he said something ridiculous. The guy eventually made some idol threat about how much bigger he is than me as if he was going to hit me. So I gave him the loudest laugh at that. He was very quiet the rest of the game.

    So I fully endorse the just laugh at everything they say strategy when dealing with any SMU fans.
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  17. I was there last year. Not impressed.
  18. That guy runs pretty fast for a left below-the-knee amputee.
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