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Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by Chongo94, Feb 9, 2019.

  1. Apparently CBS Sports doesn't allow costreaming so the afternoon game isn't on the website. If you're interested...
  2. Just realized that the game between Birmingham and Memphis has a Big 12 ref calling the game.
  3. It looks like their black jackets were cut too short , so their striped shirts are hanging out the bottom. Very odd style choice.
  4. I think assigning each team college territories was a good idea, it allows people like me to care about a team despite it being far away in San Antonio.
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  5. I have always had an interest in "start up leagues". I think as far as football goes, this one has a decent shot. Not trying to be the NFL. Regional rosters. Legit football minds running the show. Some nice innovations that might gain traction higher up...

    Watched San Antonio game on TV, and had a good time. So fun to cheer former Frogs. Since we live in SA, I think we will attend a couple games, decked in TCU gear.

    And, I agree with some others here: Didn't miss the kickoff at all, which surprised me a bit.
  6. doesn't that mean any teams located inside the boundaries of the sec are going to win the league title?
  7. Marvin Lewis as an announcer is putting me to sleep.

    Arizona was a terrible location for a team. Their NFL team doesn’t even get a lot of support. Sun Devil Stadium is pretty empty for this game.
  8. What channel is it on?
  9. NFL Network or you can stream it on the AAF website.
  10. The link I posted above should still work too .
  11. I found it. Thanks.
  12. As a verified Hotshot, I am offended by the mascot selected by the Arizona team.
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  13. I wore my TCU gear, saw one or two others, and saw some baylor as well...
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  14. “Hide yo kids, hide yo wife....!”
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    San Antonio up on Orlando, 6-0 so far.

    It’s so nice to have football in February.
  16. Champions League...XFL, NFL, AAF, in a round robin square off...Winner gets the abusers and criminal types
  17. Yesterdays games were both terrible, but this game is good so far.

    Green got a nice shout-out. They even said he played at TCU. Not even a Nebraska transfer!
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  18. The shoulders are reminiscent is the Dallas Cowboys first uniforms.
  19. This really has been a fun game today.
  20. Tell you what, I wish Green the best and I'm proud of him making the squad, but DAMN Farrow is the real damn deal.

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