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Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by Chongo94, Feb 9, 2019.

  1. That was a great int.
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  2. I actually enjoyed watching this. The competition isn’t bad at all.
  3. Some kinks to be worked out, obviously, but enjoyable.
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  4. These announcers need a map of DFW. Never heard of Hurst High School and didn't know Hurst was a suburb of Dallas.
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  5. I'd go for the onside kick play everytime in this league. Especially against an offense like San Diego.
  6. What kind of drug induced stupor was the person in who designed the referees uniforms?
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  7. The telecast could use some work especially the announcements about the partnering cities bleeding through is really annoying.

    I think it might be really bad subliminal advertising.
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    Think you can only try an onside kick if you’re down by 17 or more points, and/or under 5 minutes in the 4th.
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    The Nebraska-transfer Aaron Green led his team in rushing tonight.

  10. Fire the coach who only gave Green 6 carries.
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  11. Ha, no doubt.
  12. I’m kinda digging this league. It’s not a poop show, bush league thing like the original XFL. I hope the new XFL is like this next year.

    I think San Antonio will be my team in this league, with the most Frogs, in TX, etc. I can actually see myself liking the competition in this league more than the NFL. Everyone being paid the same is a cool concept. I hope it works out well.
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  13. Dawson in under contract with the Saskatchewan Roughriders in the CFL.
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  14. This is good stuff. Hope they can make it
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  15. It's the only chance they'll get. Jerry Jones and the McNair family will never allow it in the NFL.

  16. Kirk I guess doesn’t realize this game had better ratings than a national NBA game on ABC. Uniforms won’t make it last? Ok Kirk
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  17. Mrs. Brewingfrog and I began laughing after listening to the announcers referring to the new organization as "The Alliance," and then mockingly repeating the words with extra emphasis like it was from the imbecile Star Wars universe: "The Alliance!"

    It'll be a nice thing to watch, and a welcome relief from the worthless NBA or whatever else takes up space before baseball gets going.
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  18. The production itself was not bad in the stadium, however they obviously had new Crews working the clocks. Small little things like the referees asking several times to have the clock reset from 12:48 to 13:13 and it took him almost two minutes to figure out how to do it. However, the football on the field was actually really good. There were tons of big hits, great interceptions, and I think the commanders are going to have a really solid defense this year. That interception run back by Orion Stewart was incredible. It's going to be really hard for me to root for Baylor guys on this team, but it was fun to watch...
  19. Memphis at Birmingham on CBSSports channel at 3 today. And then Salt Lake at Arizona on the NFL channel at 7pm tonight.
  20. Fun night:
    -Good to see Aaron Green is still doing well, and weirdly enough still stuck behind someone on the depth chart that he outperforms.
    -QB play needs to improve. That should come with time.
    -Absolutely love the live shot of the replay official. That needs to come to the NFL and college immediately.
    -All games can be streamed on AAF.com, even if you don't have cable. Pretty cool to give that to the fans. Streamed most of the Orlando game with no issues at all.
    -Flow of the game was great. Fewer commercials, no commercial-kickoff-commercial sandwiches. Don't really miss the kickoff either.
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