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Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by Chongo94, Feb 9, 2019.

  1. Been since his high school days he’s probably been thrown a ball in the endzone
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  2. The first half was only around an hour and 15 minutes. I like the pace.
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  3. I like the Commanders helmet's with the Alamo on the back.
  4. #22 Green
    #18 Diarse
    #83 Hunt
    #24 Orr
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  5. San Antonio really wants a pro football team.
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  6. Wonder how much tickets are and how many they gave away?
  7. $36 to $235 or thereabouts
  8. I think Bercovici is done.
  9. Looks like $14 up to about $240
  10. Helluva pass there.
  11. TD for the Commanders!
  12. I love the no extra points rule. Teams must go for two every time.
  13. So good to see Green playing again
  14. I'm going to tell you what will get more interest in this league is getting DraftKings and FanDuel running games for the league.
  15. Hunt playing so I guess his injury wasn't too bad.
  16. I am curious why a guy like Boyce or even Paul Dawson is not playing in this league.
  17. If you know about Dawson's time here, it shouldn't surprise you. Meaning all the things outside of Saturdays.
  18. I guess that explains why he was cut by the Bengals and the Hawks.
  19. Illegal formation on the defense huh? I guess they really do have some different rules in this league.

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