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2022 Recruiting Thread


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The one player wearing TCU gloves seems pretty solid.
Donati reached out to recruits and asked them to wait until a staff hire was made before making any decisions. Major Everhart is a guy that whoever gets hired will probably still want badly. Thankfully that kid still wants to be at TCU.

These kids are getting blown up by other schools and you can’t blame them for decommitting and wanting to explore their options.
My guess is the coach we want is still coaching their team. They don’t want a distraction until season is over. As far as bowl game goes we can’t wait for that in my opinion.


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I imagine the Garland kids will be at the top of the list
Garland duo - Safety Chase Biddle (Who was a TCU top target) and WR Jordan Hudson (Who everyone in the country wanted) are currently SMU's two big commitments. Both are from Garland and were landed by Samples....I'm not sure outside of those two, there are very many that TCU would want right now.
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And so it begins
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