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2021 Recruiting Thread

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Moose Stuff, Dec 13, 2018.

  1. Frog Factor
  2. Lots of schools are now using that line
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  3. We should sue them all
  4. For sure..I am also optimistic that there are some talented portal kids from DFW who would want to come back home. Kam Brown and maybe Tyrell Shavers come to mind
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  5. Here it comes
  6. Here what comes?
  7. Oh wait wrong forum.
  8. Don't think we need more RBs or WRs.
  9. might be difficult to believe, but after the recent early departure of 4 junior receivers the frogs currently have only 8 scholarship receivers on the roster and 1 commit who is coming off a knee injury.

    now linebacker, that is a completely different matter as depending if you count marcel brooks as a linebacker the frogs either have as many scholarships tied up at linebacker or actually one more yet only had 6 corners to start the season

    stopped trying to understand the allocation of scholarships by this staff long ago
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  10. Hopefully we are making another run at Kam Brown. Legacy kid who would be awesome in the slot for us.
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  11. we haven't exactly killed it with legacies outside the coaching staff
  12. and those coaching legacy hires haven't exactly been killer for us, either...
  13. Hodges Tomlinson looks like he's gonna be real solid, Schobel boys.... anyone else recently?
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  14. not that i can recall and the miss rate on recruits who had a parent who played at tcu seems a bit high, but i don't know what it is for other schools

    oh, bo is about to turn 40 i believe so using that family in this discussion might be a bit dated unless he and aaron have some sons on the way soon to help out the issue at defensive end.
  15. I know there are sons.... no idea if they play or excel at football. Hoping there are like 9 of them and they're all 6'4 275.
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  16. GP would just say they're too slow and want to fatten them all up to 320 and put them at nose guard.

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