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2021 Recruiting Thread

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Moose Stuff, Dec 13, 2018.

  1. Maybe he can fit in the portal?
  2. curious, frogs have 8 commits for the upcoming class and i think looking at the roster they project to return 68-70 players presuming they have no more transfers, no one leaves early etc...

    that means they potentially could double the class size at a time they can't go out and visit schools and kids aren't coming in to visit with them

    anyone have an idea who many they are currently seeking and how many scholarships they will leave for grad transfers?
  3. I keep hearing we will be heavily involved in the transfer market.
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  4. something tells me on both sides of that market

    roster shows 5 running backs who could return and 8 linebackers (5 in the same class) would seem to be two positions that would be areas we could see movement out
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  5. Can coaches enter the portal?
  6. hopefully malcolm kelly doesn't test the waters
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  7. We are already seeing that attrition at WR and I think we’ll se that also at LB and RB. I think it’s normal but we just aren’t used to it at TCU. The whole 40 not 4 thing I think is noble, but it also has handcuffed us to our share of kids who take scholarships but never contribute on the field.I mentioned elsewhere that I can name a dozen P5 programs who lost 8-12 players to the Portal last year. It’s the new world and believe it or not, I think our B12 standing and location means we could be a big time player in the secondary market if we really wanted to be.
  8. Harrison Wallace 6-1/180 Pikes Road, AL committed to Duke and recently offered by Maryland & PennST

  9. Florida State DT Cory Durden (6-5/315) opts out of the rest of the season and will transfer (announced he will not enter the draft). Hampered by a shoulder injury and COVID this season but was considered one of the top DT prospects in the nation.
  10. this just general information or a transfer to keep an eye on for the frogs?
  11. Something to keep an eye on. If I post something about a player it will be that there is at least some TCU interest.
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  12. Who’s computer in the coaches’ office did you hack?
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    why do i think the password for the defensive staff is 123456 and the password for the offensive coaches changes every 30 minutes, has 47 characters, and no one can ever remember
  14. Durden will have every school in the country contacting him...There will be no shortage of interest. At this point a big athletic DT in the portal is like Left handed pitcher who throws a 100. Don’t get your hopes up
  15. He will and though he is from Florida there is some connection and interest
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  16. Still 2 to years to play if I’m not mistaken.

    Also..depending what Bethley does, we will have 6-8 DTs back next year so it doesn’t seem like a big position of need unless they are expecting attrition
  17. This class is going to hit the portal hard in the next 2 years. Horrible decision by NCAA.
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  18. I gotta think a bunch of kids just say screw it and choose to stay close to home. Perhaps someone like Da'Wain Loftin for example.
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  19. Interesting that he mentioned a '40 year' decision. Clearly he is a purple lock.


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