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2021 Recruiting Thread

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Moose Stuff, Dec 13, 2018.

  1. 4 TCU crystal balls since the offer.
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  2. Side note it’s 79-0 Argyle after 3. Some of these early round matchups are so hard to watch; just complete mismatches with 4 teams getting in from each district.
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  3. especially so with the lower classifications. not sure north dallas has had anything since kevin murray played there long, long ago

    heck, newton lost their first two games of the season by a combined score of 126 - 20 to jasper and wos and then won 6 straight by a margin of 373 - 29
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  4. Having a hard time figuring out why we haven't offered, especially considering the clear need and the other recent offers that have gone out.
  5. Andrew Jones LB 6-0/200 John Ehret Marrero LA recently de-committed from Memphis. Has been getting a lot of attention from TCU, huge season so far: 123 Tackles, 40 TFL’s, 15 sacks, 4 Force fumbles,1 int, 2 fumble recoveries,9 touchdowns, 322 yards rushing.

  6. Offer him. Now. Tired of projects. Give me performers like K Coleman.
  7. Potential draft pick in the portal and has interest in TCU

    Joseph Ozougwu DE 6-3/234 played at UNT and from Houston, TX.
  8. I feel like DE is slowly becoming a position of solid depth, especially if the two commits stick with us.
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  9. You mean kids that have actually demonstrated they are good at football?

    A. Washington fits that mold too. Was a stud in high school, productive as hell, but a little undersized. Comes in and what do you know, he's good at football, right away.
  10. Da’Veawn Armstead CB/S 6-1/181 Baton Rouge Central

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  11. Yep. We seem to have really moved away from that lately.
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  12. So next year we will have...

    Starters: Mathis and Coleman
    2nd Team: Horton and Ellison
    3rd Team: Armstrong and ??
    True Freshman: Watson and Murray

    We have a lot of bodies for sure but if this UNT guy can provide a speed rush I'd take him in a heart beat. We are still super young at the position and having to defend 80+ plays a game you need 5 solid DEs a game.
  13. I think Watson and Murray start pushing into the 2 deep pretty quickly.
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  14. Horton and Coleman I think will start next year. Give Horton one more year to develop and I think he could be really really good.
  15. Plus we have an extremely high success rate with kids from Louisiana.
    I agree...but that isn't a good thing really. We should have 4 solid veteran DEs and if we take this UNT guy we will.

    I think Mathis, Coleman and Horton are secure next year as the top three DEs...Ellison seems a little small and slow as of now. Definitely think Watson plays a lot next year. I see Murray as a LJ Collier clone...may take him a little longer to develop but will have a very high NFL ceiling.

    This UNT guy looks a ton better than this OU bust we took in Mark Jackson...so I believe if he is healthy and wants to come....we will find a spot for him.

  16. 2020 Grad Transfer offered from Dartmouth. All conference WR and Returner. Has a fair amount of FBS offers
  17. A few offers out tonight-

    Currently UNT WR commit TJ Steele. Steele is listed at 6'0 180 and plays at Lubbock Estacado

    Also, grad transfer WR Drew Estrada received an offer. Estrada played at Darmouth and in 2019, he had 51 catches for 827 yards and 8 touchdowns. He played his HS ball at Argyle and is listed at 6'0 190
  18. think we take any defensive end we can right now as mathis has yet to put together a full ball game, coleman has shown flashes but still needs to get bigger, dylan horton is far from ready to contribute and i have no idea what is happening with colt

    what i would really love is defensive end who weighs over 250 lbs. in the mold of lathan or collier who can hold the edge against a double team
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