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2021 Frog Baseball (General)

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Pharm Frog, Jan 7, 2021.

  1. Man, we’ve come a long way in the last month.
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  2. Texas and the Frogs have identical fielding % at .979
    Liberty and Gonzaga are at .983. Solid.
  3. Most pitching stats favor UT but not by huge margins.
  4. Not surprising given their weak schedule
  5. Weak is probably not something I'd call the 25th toughest schedule in the country. Currently the Frogs's sit at the 14th most rigorous schedule and of course that's about to go even higher.

    What I do think is interesting (and I'm very likely off by a couple of game because I'm doing this by memory) is that UT is 35-11 and I think they've only played about 10 games on grass fields and are 4-6 in those games. They've only played 15 games on the road. UH for three but I think that's synthetic. At Globe Life and lost all three. At Baylor and went 2-1. At Okie Lite and went 2-1. And isn't Blue Bell grass in Ag land? UT lost that midweek game. I think they also played Texas State a couple of times in San Marcos but pretty sure that's a rubber field.
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  6. Interesting point. Globe life is turf though right? Or I guess it’s more of a hybrid. Turf grass with real dirt. Longhorns have all turf right? Even where the dirt is supposed to be.
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  7. Yep. I remember being in San Marcos and seeing us get 10 run ruled and thinking the season may not be what we had wanted it to be.
  8. I hate those fields. They don’t even look right. A football field I get, but a fake grass baseball field just ain’t right.
  9. I don’t like but can live with a turf field with dirt where it’s supposed to be. All turf like WV and others? Nah. Bush league.

    Real baseball is played on real grass.
  10. To add to this - it’s flat out unamerican to play a game of baseball and not have your uniform covered in dirt and grass stains. There ought to be a constitutional amendment outlawing astroturf.
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    Believe it or not, RainX helps with this and with preventing water spots on glass shower doors and panels. It requires fairly frequent applications, though.
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    This reminds me of when I played in little league. One time the team we were supposed to play didn't have enough players so they had to forfeit.

    There were about 5 or 6 of us on the field playing catch, waiting on the coaches to tell us what was going on. As soon as they told us that we won, a bunch of us took off running and sliding where ever we could, infield, outfield, didn't matter. I was somewhere off in centerfield and all I could hear was a bunch of our moms yelling, "what the hell are yall doing", "we have to wash those uniforms" and all that type of stuff.

    By the time I got back to the field where our parents were at, I was cracking up. My mom looked at me and said have you lost your mind? Now I have to wash that when we get home, why would you do that?

    When I finally stopped laughing, I told her, you can't go home from a game with a clean uniform, you have to be dirty. She just shook her head and walked off lol.

    The excitement from winning by a forfeit (other than being a bunch of 9 and 10 yr olds) was that it clinched us our division and put us in the playoffs.
  13. Evan Skoug managed to get his uniform dirty even when playing on fields with no dirt. A true dirt bag if there ever was one.
  14. My elementary school had a huge grass hill in front of it and on one St. Patrick Day I forgot to wear green. This was the 70s and I was wearing some sweet white pants. So as soon as I got out of the car, I ran up the hill and took a running start and slid down the hill.
    My mother was screaming bloody murder when she saw what I was doing. If you didn't wear green you got punched hard in the arm all day. But luckily, my pants had green all over them.
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  15. I like the turf fields. I do the laundry.
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  16. Feel confident we will need to play an additional infielder next to Big Russ against ULM after they watch game 1 of WVU

    expecting the entire lineup to try and bunt against him the first time through
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    Sorry if this has been previously posted:

    The Frog Club pays for 100% of TCU student athletes scholarships.

    TCU itself has no out of pocket cost for an athletic scholarship.

    Edit: I see separate funding was discussed. Still it's impressive that TCU has taken that burden from the school budget and placed that tab on the table of its athletic booster club.
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    How is that different from any other school really?

    divide it up however you want - but money only comes from three sources at a university- donors (either direct or from income on endowment), students tuition/fees/boarding and government grants

    You can throw event revenue in there is you want but we all know that never covers costs

    and schools have random things like logo revenue or mineral rights that help a little but rarely anything significant

    so is your point TCU directs all “donations” to the Frog Club vs having a donation department inside fund raising? Isn’t that what Frog Club is basically?

    Or are you saying you want a portion of paying student tuition, etc to also help fund athletic scholarships instead of offsetting operational costs?

    Or government grants used for athletic scholarships instead of need based aid?

    In the end - it’s all the same

    money comes in to the school and that money is directed to either pay for operating expenses in the current year period or added to the endowment to earn a return that is then used to offset operating expenses

    So TCU giving the Frog Club the goal of raising donations from seat donations, dues, fund raisers, etc at a monetary level equal to the “calculated” costs of athletic scholarships isn’t any different than what every university tried to accomplish- making athletic depts responsible for funding as much of their operational costs as possible through revenue and donations

    but the concept that the cost of an athlete’s scholarship to the school is tuition plus room/board is just a misconception fund raisers use to increase giving - that is the value in theory and what TCU asks the Frog Club to raise just as all schools ask whatever group handles athletic giving to focus on raising from donors - but it is not the cost
  19. I'm not worried about TCU funding them. The issue is whether or not everyone else playing college baseball could afford them; does the gap between the haves and have nots of college baseball get closed by fully funding schollies for every baseball roster or does it merely shift the gap to different haves and different have nots? My question wasn't related at all to TCU b/c several different dynamics are at play there than most other schools. It was solely focused on the schools who claim they couldn't fully fund athletics scholarships for the entire baseball roster.
  20. There are schools that currently do not fully fund the 11.7. It was estimated that as recently as five years ago it was around 50% of D1 programs. I suspect things have changed as the rules have changed.

    But there are a significant number of schools that either “wouldn’t” or “couldn’t” move up in funding additional scholarships. If you haven’t noticed, athletic departments are getting crushed by the current environment and sports are being eliminated, not expanded. As for baseball, it’s among the most expensive sports to sponsor and why would anyone view the IRR favorably by adding cost?

    In 2020, at least 30 sports between January and June were eliminated at schools for the highest number of cancelled programs in a single year in a decade. And that was only 6 months. I figure many more were eliminated in the back half of 2020.

    The percent attrition of D1 baseball programs since 1990 lags only men’s tennis, wrestling, men’s swimming, and men’s gymnastics. There’s a clue in there if you search for it. Then comes baseball and then men’s soccer.
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