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2021-2022 TCU Baseball Thread


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Have you heard of Mark Rober? An engineer and designer, formerly with NASA and Iphone, he now designs things like Glitter Bombs, Dart boards that move to the dart, mechanical field goal kickers and golf clubs. Bright guy with a good sense of humor. Anyhow, he has developed and made available an app which will analyze the signs given by a base coach and almost instantaneously tells you what the play will be. Interesting and probably against the rules!
I’m sure the Astros have that guy on speed dial already.

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Crazy RPI situation. OU at 32, Frogs at 34, Eers at 35 and Tech at 37.

Tomorrow’s game is huge for comparative RPI and conference. W and have a punchers chance of winning the conference. L and could end up as low as 4th (unlikely but still possible)…with an RPI in the 40 range and a pretty suspect 8-13 record against Q1 teams (with no out-of-conference Ws against Q1). Just need TBA to pitch well and bludgeon the Hawks early and often. No mercy until the umps mandate mercy and do not pull a Tech
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So if we can get 3 innings apiece from Bolden and Krob on Sunday before we run rule them...that would be awesome. Could also see Drew Hill for an inning or two or maybe Walker says screw it..and throws 7. Savage hasn't pitched either so he could be good for 2...same for Wright.

A little worried KU has some walkon lefty that throws 75 that might give us fits like last year on Sunday.

Still very surprised we let Krob and Bolden pitch Friday nite when we had a huge lead... especially Krob. I get we need him to get right but I hope this will help him go longer Sunday...not hurt. Anyways thanks to Cam Brown and Perez....what started out as a boat show on Friday nite after 2 innings thanks to RR...it looked like we may run outta arms by mid day Saturday.....we actually now have a boat load of pitching options to finish out the series.
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