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2020 Recruiting Thread

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Moose Stuff, Oct 13, 2017.

  1. I disagree. Max seemed very accomplished for a true freshman (hell, for a junior) at knowing where guys were supposed to be, moving through progressions, and seeing the entire field. I don't think that was a huge weakness for him at all.

    I do agree that he seemed to struggle recognizing defenses, handling blitzes, and putting the right touch on passes. I wonder how much of that, especially the back half of the season, was due to his inadequacies as a true freshman QB and how much was due to a turnstile OL. I think it's most likely a fairly even split between the two.

    He definitely has a lot of things he can improve, but I really don't have much concern that he will. He strikes me as the type of kid who puts in all the extra work you want from a QB and leader. I feel pretty confident he'll sort things out quickly.
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  2. It is almost a pervasive assumption that Max has a high ceiling. I really hope this is the case and this spring he will demonstrate it.
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  3. Wow, we have royally scheissed up our QB room. It seemed to be set for several years to come, SR -> JR -> MD, but good god it went to [ Cumbie’s red zone playcalling ] in a hurry.
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  4. Duffey has now been denied admission to Central Michigan. Seems like he can’t pass a background check.
  5. If Baldwin is still injured, we should consider taking 2 JUCO QB’s. We are desperate there.
  6. Can anybody post the "beating of a dead horse" gif, please. It's time to move on.
  7. What's up with TCU not having any recruits from H-Town this cycle? Like zero....
  8. B12 teams threw the kitchen sink of disguised blitzes and coverages at Duggan. Every week he was seeing something he had never seen in his life and it was clear the staff (Cumbie) wasn’t preparing him well for it. He handled it extremely well for a true freshman and he was clearly working through his progressions like a really smart kid. I’m confident he’ll improve in understanding what’s going on pre-snap and reading his Qs faster. Once that happens he‘ll win us a lot of games. You could tell him mind and adrenaline was racing on nearly every snap.

    Purdy at ISU is a good example. He was much more calm and collected this year and you could tell the game had slowed way down. He looked much more poised and under control in the pocket. I expect that jump to happen for Duggan also
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  9. I still say I liked a lot in what I saw from Max as a guy who a year earlier was playing high school football in Iowa. And yes, of course he can improve a lot and I don't think there's much of a question he will. Let's just hope his wide receiver corps makes an even bigger improvement, not to mention the guys up front giving him more than a couple of seconds to throw the ball.
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  10. so can we put a bow on the 2020 recruiting thread?

    really nice class and it seems like we are finally starting to get that traction of attracting big time talent in the trenches.
  11. It is pretty incredible that in terms of making real on-the-field contributions in football games, the 1-10 group is probably no better, and in many cases, a lot worse than any other grouping of 10 about as far down as you want to go. 1-20 looks even worse when looking at the entire group. Whether it's kids being knuckleheads, terrible luck, or just not being as good as everyone thought they'd be, we just haven't had much success with the really highly rated kids. Of course Johnson and Hayes haven't even got to campus so things could change.
  12. At this point I would be surprised if Bowen plays at all. And if he does happen to play, I'd be really surprised if he makes it through more than a game or two. Guys who are always hurt are always hurt.
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  13. Agreed and what I am really impressed with is how we filled our needs without having to "settle" for those that remain.
  14. The main unmet need is probably a super stud DE. Of course, QB remains to be seen.
  15. hopefully the frogs can find some help on the transfer market as i didn't think tcu ever was in on the higher profile defensive end prospects

    khari coleman is on campus and will go through spring so he might help some, but the one common thread with the de prospects for the frogs is they have to get bigger.

    personally, i would like to see the frogs bring in a de transfer and an offensive line transfer who can play inside in 2020
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  16. For the “stars don’t matter” crowd.

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