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2020 Recruiting Thread

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Moose Stuff, Oct 13, 2017.

  1. Transfers other than transfers from 2 year programs do not sign an LOI and the rules on dead periods, signing periods, etc do not apply. They do count against the 85 limit if put on athletic scholly and must follow enrollment requirements.

    Probably won't know all of the transfers until summer period or just before.
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  2. IMG sprung out of tennis and golf camps that were located in Florida. The concept is that they introduce themselves to some of the best athletes at an early age, help them develop and then represent them when they turn pro.
  3. Manor had a signing day ceremony (Guyton had already signed early but participated)

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  4. Someone is getting a raise.
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  5. nice shout out to malcolm and savion made it pretty clear what he thinks of the returning talent the frogs at receiver
  6. Means the coaching staff made it clear to him they feel the same way.
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  7. That Sturment looks like a grown arse man!
  8. people tend to change five years or so out of high school


    storment as a college freshman in 2016
  9. Thank you
  10. Very telling thank you.
  11. frogs have 8 returning receivers on their current roster. taye barber in i believe 20 games has 61 catches for 675 yards and 2 td's.

    the other 7 returning receivers in 117 games played have 88 catches for 1,191 yards and 6 td's

    granted the frogs have only 1 senior in that group, there is talent, and players can improve but this is a position they must get much better production from the group as a whole.

    jalen reagor for his career of 39 games had 148 catches for 2,248 yards, and 22 td's. yes, he dropped passes, didn't always block, fumbled, and quit on some routes and with all that had just one less career catch than the frogs returning 8 receivers, roughly 400 more receiving yards, and 14 more td's
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  12. Final piece? (other than transfers)

  13. Barber and Wells are the only two who have earned a right to be penciled in to the starting lineup going into spring..
  14. Some PWO added from Grapevine

    Lex Bouvcalt WR 5-8/165 Faith Academy (offered by Nichols St)

    Hilton Harris TE 6-4/225

  15. normally when i do a quick calc on numbers i have an idea what the result is going to be and i knew barber was the most productive returning receiver, but i was surprised to see reagor's career numbers compared to the 8 returning receivers on the current roster

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