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2020 Recruiting Thread

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Moose Stuff, Oct 13, 2017.

  1. Top needs unfulfilled:

    Offense: Tight end-staff chased several top prospects but were unable to get much looks from anyone. Position is slowly becoming a bigger part of the offense but also the demand is rising all over college football for solid pass-catching TEs

    Defense: With so many young corners and safeties its hard to say they didn't fill the needs in the backfield though depth at safety is a little tricky. They did get two very good prospects in CB Keonte Jenkins and S Bud Clark. Defensive end issues last season needed to be addressed and adding Khari Coleman (6-2/213 FR)helps but with the possibility of Jaquaze Sorrells (6-3/310 FR) moving outside and Dylan Horton (6-4 LB from NM) filling in at DE it is more of a wait and see rather than a miss.
  2. will be interesting to see if the frogs play more 3-man fronts as they do have some defensive tackles who i think could do a good job as a 5-technique.

    the biggest issue with horton is that if i understand correctly he is sitting out this year and the frogs really are more questions and possibilities than answers at defensive end going into 2020
  3. Lex Boucvalt. Problem solved.
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    interesting to see if zach evans or jordan burch officially signs with a school first.

    there always seems to be one recruit each year that has um..."trouble" deciding on a school, but i can't recall a year with two recruits this highly regarded still negotiating...... i mean making up their mind.
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  5. Nope. Multiple ships still available.
  6. I counted 84 scholarship players on the go frogs roster. so that means only 1 available unless someone leaves.
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  7. 1 spot is correct. Unless someone else leaves of course.
  8. Wondering why Baylor isn't welcoming him with open arms.
  9. Depends upon how you define multiple...
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    Should be 82:

    1 3 Emari Demercado RB Jr.
    2 4 Taye Barber WR Jr.
    3 7 Trevon Moehrig S Jr.
    4 7 John Stephens Jr. WR Jr.
    5 9 Te'Vailance Hunt WR Jr.
    6 12 Derius Davis WR Jr.
    7 18 Ben Wilson LB Jr.
    8 20 La'Kendrick Van Zandt LB Jr.
    9 21 Noah Daniels CB Jr.
    10 22 Michael Onyemaobi S Jr.
    11 23 Tony Wallace CB Jr.
    12 51 Quazzel White OT Jr.
    13 69 Coy McMillon C Jr.
    14 78 Wes Harris OG Jr.
    15 80 Al'Dontre Davis WR Jr.
    16 81 Pro Wells TE Jr.
    17 93 George Ellis III DT Jr.
    18 95 Terrell Cooper DT Jr.
    19 Stephon Brown QB Jr.
    20 Dylan Horton LB Jr.
    21 1 Tre'Vius Hodges-Tomlinson CB So.
    22 2 Mikel Barkley WR So.
    23 2 Kee'Yon Stewart CB So.
    24 6 Jamoi Hodge LB So.
    25 9 Atanza Vongor S So.
    26 13 Dee Winters LB So.
    27 14 DeMauryon Holmes LB So.
    28 15 Max Duggan QB So.
    29 15 Josh Foster S So.
    30 16 C.J. Ceasar II CB So.
    31 18 Matthew Baldwin QB So.
    32 25 Wyatt Harris LB So.
    33 27 Ar'Darius Washington S So.
    34 28 Nook Bradford S So.
    35 31 Jordy Sandy P So.
    36 32 Ochaun Mathis DE So.
    37 43 Izaih Filikitonga DT So.
    38 44 Colt Ellison DE So.
    39 53 John Lanz OG So.
    40 66 Ian Burnette OG So.
    41 72 Kris Dike OT So.
    42 77 Brandon Coleman OL So.
    43 79 Esteban Avila C So.
    44 99 Soni Misi DT So.
    45 3 Donavann Collins CB R-Fr.
    46 10 Deshawn McCuin S R-Fr.
    47 19 Dylan Jordan LB R-Fr.
    48 21 Daimarqua Foster RB R-Fr.
    49 22 Blair Conwright WR R-Fr.
    50 24 Darwin Barlow RB R-Fr.
    51 29 Thomas Armstrong DE R-Fr.
    52 34 Zach Marcheselli LB R-Fr.
    53 42 Earl Barquet DT R-Fr.
    54 71 Marcus Williams OT R-Fr.
    55 74 Andrew Coker OT R-Fr.
    56 75 Brannon Brown OG R-Fr.
    57 11 Khari Coleman DE Fr.
    58 58 Altrique Barlow OL Fr.
    59 90 Jaquaze Sorrells DL Fr.
    60 91 Patrick Jenkins DT Fr.
    61 Bud Clark S Fr.
    62 Tyler Guyton Fr.
    63 Garrett Hayes OL Fr.
    64 Keontae Jenkins CB Fr.
    65 Quentin Johnston WR Fr.
    66 Caleb Medford WR Fr.
    67 Kendre Miller RB Fr.
    68 Michael Nichols OL Fr.
    69 T.J. Storment OL Sr.
    70 Blake Nowell WR Fr.
    71 Dominic Richardson RB Fr.
    72 Savion Williams WR Fr.
    73 Eli Williams QB Fr.
    74 11 Dylan Thomas WR Sr.
    75 30 Garret Wallow LB Sr.
    76 40 Parker Workman DE Sr.
    77 41 Brandon Bowen DE Sr.
    78 55 Kellton Hollins C Sr.
    79 56 Austin Myers OT Sr.
    80 88 Artayvious Lynn TE Sr.
    81 94 Corey Bethley DT Sr.
    82 Michael Downing QB
  11. Im guessing that there are a couple of walk ons that got scholarships that we don't know about yet
  12. Star Telegram has a good article on Patterson's latest recruiting class:

  13. Go away
    Baylor sucks
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  14. Missing.... Carter Ware, Griffin Kell, and typically a long snapper. But Also Niland is a walk-on
  15. I think you're exactly right -- if Baldwin isn't available. But, I have faith that Baldwin is gonna be ready to go in the Spring. Fingers are crossed. I know. I know. That counts for nothing, but I sure would like to see him get some reps.
  16. Trying to distract from your crap recruiting class?
  17. Nothing cooler than posting a picture of the Thursday edition of an antiquated medium on a rivals message board
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  18. He’s out for the spring.

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