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2020 Recruiting Thread

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Moose Stuff, Oct 13, 2017.

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    Why have 2 position coaches for the normally 4 positions at WR... and one
    position coach for, by far, the most important 5 positions outside the QB.
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  2. Brilliant ! Maybe GP would bring his previously failed OL position coach along to dine too. But probably best I shouldn't show up, if he does attend ... Ha Ha!
  3. do you know the last time meacham coached the offensive line?
  4. When you were a quality OL athlete and an OC for several years, you probably are on top of those position players techniques and duties better than most anyone else. ...
  5. you know he was a quality offensive line "athlete"

    i mean scottie played offensive line for the frogs, but the most athletic he did might have been some of those old videos he did with wes
  6. Funny
  7. Oh, is that how it works?

    So a two-time national coach of the year thinks a guy he has worked side-by-side with practically every day for two decades is capable of coaching a position he’s already seen him have success coaching, but some anonymous guy on the Internet says it’s a bad idea, so Gary must be wrong. Got it.
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  8. This site is being ruined by people who hijack absolutely every thread to complain about coaching decisions, including this thread that exists for the purpose of providing information about recruiting information.

    Asleep, go to sleep.
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  9. I’m about to just make up some recruiting news. scheiss the dead period.
  10. I heard that Kill is trying to get King to come to TCU to replace Sewo as our Wildfrog but that King only wants to go left- so discussions are ongoing
  11. LOL
  12. curious, if we did a little research and compared the work history of every offensive line coach in the 5 major conferences how many of those coaches split time between three different offensive positions at the same school?

    how many of those offensive line coaches with say 20+ years coaching in college spent roughly 25% of their time coaching offensive line?

    now, just because no one else might have done something doesn't always mean it is a bad idea, but when you are talking about one of the most technically difficult position groups on the field to coach and the success in our offense often times is dependent on the ability to get five individuals to work in harmony.....maybe, just maybe this isn't a case of following the status quo.

    as i said i know a few guys who have and still do coach offensive line and while they never won a national coach of the year award they have coached for a few conference champions, won some major bowls, coached in the nfl, coached a few hofers, and one guy has a super bowl ring and it isn't how they would do it, but then again who are any of us to doubt gary right?
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  13. How many of those theoretical assistants have spent 21 seasons coaching at one school? Please stop.
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  14. please stop what?

    i thought the point of this board was to discuss things involving tcu athletics.

    did i say anderson was a bad coach? did i say he should be fired? anderson is a loyal foot soldier which has its value. i do find it interesting that some how spending 21 years at one coaching job is a badge of honor.

    he is in a safe and comfortable position so why would he leave?

    what i merely pointed out is that gary seems to have opted to go a bit of a different direction from a good number of his peers on this matter.

    no different than when gary opted to not have a full time position coach for the linebackers and instead he went with a ga for two seasons. not sure i can recall many other programs that have done that as well.
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  15. I’m retiring from the Army after 22 years. Being recruited by a few federal agencies. I think I might be a secret commit to DHS, but I’m not announcing till after I start my terminal leave.
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  16. thanks for your service ltl and best wishes for the next phase of your life
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  17. To do DHS don't you have to spend the majority of the time IN the terminal?
  18. Terminal meaning the 80 vacay days I have banked over the past two years in anticipation of this moment.
  19. Reopen your recruitment. I'm thinking about it myself after the stinging snub from Jerrah to replace Garrett.
  20. Totally understood. Just trying to make a DHS/ airport terminal funny.

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