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2020 Recruiting Thread

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Moose Stuff, Oct 13, 2017.

  1. Played by the rules and he can do what he wants I guess but pretty nonsense IMO. Totally bailed on his team this year from where I sit.
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  2. but, but joseph duarte wrote that d'eriq's father was wrong and dana had a master plan
  3. LSU just reestablished it's full grip on Lousiana talent with this national championship.
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    That probably works slightly in our favor. If they are winning a few more battles with Bama, it means we have a better chance at others who they pass over and are less likely to see them be a threat late in the recruiting process. In the past, we weren't beating out LSU for Louisiana kids head to head anyway.
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  5. FWIW, we just beat out LSU for Patrick Jenkins, 4 star DT out of LA.
  6. I think there’s a decent amount of truth in his observation though. Had UT for example signed guys like Jeff Okudah, Grant Delpit, JK Dobbins, and CeeDee Lamb I’d like to think one or more of the players they signed instead might be at TCU right now. There’s always gonna be some sort of trickle down, who it benefits remains to be seen.

    Of course the trade off is that had UT signed those guys they might be really good so be careful what you wish for.
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  7. Lets scheissing Go!
  8. I don’t disagree, I was just pointing it out.
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  9. Kid blocks more like a true lineman than a TE. Good footwork, great power. Pancaking dudes left and right, then goes up and highpoints a pass. I'd love to see him in a TCU uniform, so we could change him to a WR and rotate him in once per game!

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  10. lsu has normally signed the kids they want out of louisiana, but thre have been exceptions as ron swanson points out with patrick jenkins.

    what is interesting is that the lsu classes are actually become more diverse geographically and this year's class will have the fewest prospects from the boot of any of the tiger classes since eddie took over lsu.

    2016- signed prospects from 5 states and 19 of the 27 were from la.
    2017- signed prospects from 7 states and 9 of the 24 were from la.
    2018 - signed prospects from 6 states and 13 of the 22 were from la.
    2019 - signed prospects from 9 states and 10 of the 24 were from la.
    2020 - signed or have commits from prospects from 9 states and 6 of the 22 are from la.
    2021- have commitments from prospects from 4 states and 1 of the 4 are from la.

    there has been a trend the past few years were the big programs (i.e. bama, uga, ohio state, ou, texas, lsu, etc...) lock down certain home state prospects, but they are going national for big fish.
  11. will be interesting to see what other personnel moves the frogs make the next few weeks.

    registration for the spring semester was the 10th and the first day of spring classes was monday so they have to know who made grades and who might have decided to give up football.

    not sure on the exact count, but i would suspect they have 4-6 scholarships to give for the upcoming season.

    i would love to see another experienced offensive lineman (preferably interior and immediately eligible) and a grad transfer de, but not holding out hope on both of those are someone like de'andre butler deciding to not sign with uo and coming to ft worth

    curious on which high school prospects are still in play. don't think my hope of malik hornsby signing with the frogs won't happen as well as princely umanmielen.

    savion williams is in play and he would give the frogs a great set of 4 young, tall, athletic receviers for kelly to develop.

    would be nice to pair them with another inside receiver. kelvontay dixon of carthage is interesting as his measurables aren't eye popping, but all he did for carthage was make play after play after play. i guess he is headed to texas.

    other prospect that is interesting is corey wren who has interest of most of the powers in the south east. he played running back most of the time for john curtis so he is going to be a project, but there aren't many projects left on the board who legitimately ran a 10.5 100M at the texas southern relays and then followed that up with a 10.42 at the sugar bowl meet.
  12. This is very similar strategy for Ohio State, Clemson, and Oklahoma. They only sign a handful of in-state kids and then go national for the rest of their class. LSU has an advantage in that Louisiana has better quality prospects than these states, but the process is the same. Lock down elite local talent and then go find the best possible kids regardless of geography.
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  13. With the transfers announced (2) they now have 7 scholarships available.
  14. thanks, makes it simple then.

    sing malik, the three receivers, the tight end from midland, a de who can play now, and an experienced interior offensive lineman
  15. CBs have come in for Malik to Arky. In fact I don't think we were ever in real play for Malik
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    why use things like potentially factual information to poke holes in my wild ass speculation and misguided recruiting dreams
  17. My apologies....I prefer to see Malik as a 2021 Portal candidate. We'll get another shot then..
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  18. - Where would Meacham be most valuable... If we cannot protect the QB,..
    - Why would one be more concerned about WRs tutelage, over OL's needs.
    - WRs have so much more game time experience and depth over the OL.
    - Plus, Malcolm Kelly is already there for the outside WRs
  19. Perhaps KFC could put together an “Ask Gary” get together where we meet for dinner and drinks (maybe he could even host us) and after we eat he answers all our questions. Ryann, can you get on that please?

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