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2020 Recruiting Thread

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Moose Stuff, Oct 13, 2017.

  1. Alabama offers but he is not goid?
  2. Well he might be goid, I have no idea.
  3. I think he’s probably a kid that one, wasn’t going to play next year, two, has some pretty good physical upside and three, has major bust potential as well.
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  4. You learn things you didn’t know, you adjust your opinions about things.
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  5. Oh look, another drunk on board. Welcome.
  6. what would be funny is if Baylor loses to Kansas this weekend.
  7. I bet he never plays a down for Rhule. Wonder if he will decommit again if Rhule gets an NFL job?
  8. sylvester has talent, but he is very, very raw and i don't think he will fit the baylor scheme. he will be asked to play head up over offensive tackles instead of lining up on the outside shoulder.

    some reason kids are going to texas, baylor, ou and play in these 3-man fronts where they get to fight blockers every down instead of line up and rush the passer off the edge in tcu's 4-man front

    regarding his attitude, he benefited last year from the influence of barlow and foster and there is a reason the people i know in newton aren't anticipating a 3rd straight state title.

    for our baylor interlopers, it will be interesting to see how sylvester plays against danger field this weekend
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  9. He looked really goid as a sophomore when he got a bunch of offers.
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  10. Agree...He’s built to play in a 4 man front. 3 man fronts require heavier stronger DEs who can hold up at the point of attack..
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    Sylvester is a big body kid. Something Baylor needs. Now it will be interesting who TCU has in plans to replace that scholarship. Obviously, TCU has known awhile he was going to decommit. He tried it before and I bet that is when he really decommitted and waited on announcing it officially. TCU has close relationships into Newton so I imagine they knew long before us he was decommitting.

    Interesting he said he was 1000% committed and he retweeted about Collins transferring. Seems distraught at TCU.
  12. True, but there’s no telling what kind of defense they’ll be playing 2, 3 or 4 years from now. Rhule doesn’t strike me as a guy who is married to schemes. In fact I think they went to a 3-man front to fit their personnel because they don’t really have any good speed rushing DEs either. If he turns out to be a really good player, they’ll figure out a way to utilize him. And if Rhule and some the coaches jump ship, the 3-man front they play might jump ship too.
  13. Maybe he didn’t really “decommit”.
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    he actually isn't a big bodied kid like lj collier for example,

    built more like mathis or bowen. he looks so much bigger on tape because of the linemen he is facing, but when i saw him against east bernard last year he looked skinny.

    he is up to 240 or so now supposedly, but i would be surprised if he could effectively carry much over 260
  15. CGP using a lot more 3 man fronts these days.
  16. 3 man affronts
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  17. As he should be. It takes one of our least effective players off the field every time he does it.
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  18. Seems to me that he usually pulls Bethley or Ross rather than one of those DEs who have been pretty bad
  19. Can’t say I’ve fully paid attention to who comes off. Just assumes it was usually a DE.
  20. Crystal ball for Princely Umanmielen to Baylor. He’s one of the few remaining well regarded and uncommitted DEs in Texas.

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