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2020 Recruiting Thread

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Moose Stuff, Oct 13, 2017.

  1. Shocked I tell you. SHOCKED
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  2. Can’t believe he’s rated as high as he is. He’s listed at 5’10”, 172 lbs.
  3. Potential TCU interest being discussed on other board.
  4. Noles and Hogs have lost a ton of commits over the past week. Not sure how much TCU interest there is on either side, but it is interesting to see how sensitive recruits are to coaching changes. I’m guessing it wouldn’t be as bad with position coach or coordinator changes but you never know.
  5. Considering how assistant coaches are usually on a revolving door in and out of programs, I can't imagine why recruits put a lot of stock in that. The odds of any assistant coach being with any program more than about three years is pretty long.

    GP worked at nine schools before coming to TCU. Presumably he recruited at every one of them. How many players that he recruited actually play for him? And say a kid is being recruited by Cumbie.....what are the odds he actually plays for Cumbie more than a year or two? If SC does really well, he'll probably move on to another job. If he doesn't, he'll probably no longer have this job.

  6. Patterson is in all out pursuit of TE Brandon Frazier and DE Blayne Toll.
    You'll just have to trust me.
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  7. Here's hoping the bell Tolls for we.
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  8. The conspiracy guy in me wonder if we are talking Chandler Morris to get to his dad for an analyst or OC position. Having said that, isn’t there some kind of rule about that. Hiring family
  9. This may be "the chicken or the egg" situation. If we get a commit first and THEN hire his dad, is that okay? Or is it the other way around? Anyone know?
  10. why would tcu want chandler morris?
  11. Do we need another QB in this class? Is he any good? If it’s “yes” and “yes”......
  12. quarterback depends upon the health of baldwin, collins future, and if they think downing is legit or not.

    personally, i would like for them to go after the kid at fb marshall if they wanted to pursue another instate quarterback, but think there is little to no contact.

    not a great year right now for quarterbacks in texas on paper and go get a juco if you want a body to fill in.
  13. I’m not sure we “need” another QB but in today’s environment you probably want 5 a year ready to go. We lost 3 in a week this year
  14. Marvin Mimms was thought to possibly be a surprise Frog...He committed to OU tonight..You got to wonder about all the coaching change talk and how much that plays a roll

  15. Don’t really think we had much a chance anyway.
  16. Definitely a long shot but I think the staff was holding out hope...Well now we know why the renewed interest in Omar..
  17. More likely it has everything to do with them being way better than us and having an offensive genius for a HC.
  18. We don’t actually know that there’s renewed interest in Omar. Still don’t think he has an offer.
  19. True...Nobody seems to want Omar more than Nebraska

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