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2020 Baseball Season Thread

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by TCUdirtbag, Sep 30, 2019.

  1. I’ll be there tomorrow.
  2. There will be scouts there. So there will be rosters...... somewhere.
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  3. Odds of that are slim and none
  4. Correct. 2021 at Globe Life. TCU, UT, Tech, Arkansas, Ole Miss, Mississippi State.
  5. Oh, man, you’d dig it the most.
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  6. Who is Drew Hill?

    Kidding. Kinda. Not even on our GoFrogs roster.
  7. I have the roster but the pic file is too large to upload.
  8. Edit the picture by zooming in the least amount possible. After you save that you should be able to post it
  9. Nope. Still too large. Will try another way
  10. 48D2A039-A90E-4BA8-8AF5-52213653F787.jpeg

    Sorry about clarity.
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  11. Very strange to not hear “Josh Watson in left field” FWIW - Porter Brown
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    Wolfe Ks looking
    Sacco lines out to CF
    Henry retired on an impressive 6-3

    FWIW — Jung (3B) and Wendzel (2B) are playing for TX

    Hill looks like he has good stuff (93ish) but not quite the sit down pitch against this level. Hill works around a lead off walk and an easy theft of second base with a deep F7, K, and a helluva play by Goodloe on a 4-3 put out. No score
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    Gene Wood (1B) with a lead off walk.
    Sikes (RF) rips a double down the LF line.
    Goodloe Ks on three breaking pitches.
    Hump FC 5-2. Not close at the plate.
    Shep Ks looking to end T2

    Hill gives up 2 runs on 3 hits in B2.
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    Nice TCU fan attendance IMO. Good showing.

    Porter Ks
    Wolfe Ks looking
    Sacco with a triple. RF lost it. Thought it was gone. Wasn’t. About 50’ short.
    Henry 1-3. No score

    Meador to pitch the B3. FB 91-92. Sliders from 79-85 (slower one looks like a slurve). 1-2-3 inning.
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  15. is the crowd roughly the size of your normal west side ag carter football crowd, east side ag carter football crowd, or sunny day east side crowd?

    thanks ahead of time and my apologies to all those in attendance for my not driving to make the scrimmage
  16. Wood Ks
    Sikes lines out to RF (kid looks impressive early)
    Goodloe 5-3
  17. More than occupy the club sections during the national anthem and not close.
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  18. Home plate umpire is all over the place.
  19. Yep. Squeezed Meador on that FB for sure

    Meador with another 1-2-3. Kid looks tough.

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