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2019 Recruiting Thread

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by Moose Stuff, Jan 16, 2017.

  1. OK so what do you suggest we do to get a top ten class?

    Should we ask Herman the night before NSD if he wants to trade?

    Should we pay off one of the recruiting services to bump our guys, and tell them we really want to win a recruiting championship?

    Should we discontinue our well established practice of telling recruits what they need to hear, not what they want to hear? (I wonder why they do that?)

    What's your suggestion? Because my suggestion is that we stay the course, and get incrementally better classes but not worry about getting a top ten class. And keep targeting guys who want to work hard. And keep ending up in the top ten or top five at the end of the year. And hope we continue to defy the odds, and one time hit the year where a small private school makes the CFP.

    What's your suggestion?
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  2. what the hell are you talking about?

    you have continued to change your stance when each time the sand crumbles under the position you have taken up.

    you now take a stance that is completely different from where this thing started and the first two sentences you wrote are as ludicrous as they have nothing to do with what has been written by me or anyone else who disagreed with you, but it won't matter.

    you are set in your thoughts so be it.
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  3. I haven't changed a thing. I started out saying we don't need to improve our recruiting rankings. See below.

    You joined the group saying we need to increase our recruiting rankings.

    So what is your suggestion to make that happen?
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  4. Probably the most serious incident of a TCU player involved in a crime was that of Frank Montgomery, who as a senior running back in 2002, was dismissed from the team in July of '02, before his final year, for injury to a child which resulted in the death of his 16 month-old daughter.
  5. if I'm a 4* recruit, I'm not going to a school that averages 15-20 four and five* athletes annually. My chances of playing time, much less starting, is going to be limited. So, do I want the 50/50 possibility of becoming a Special Teams/Bench player.?.

    Or do I want a very good probability of getting quality playing time with a shot at a CCG most years, which also improves my developmental access for the next level.

    However, do like what we're doing for the most part... but would like to see a 4* Big and Ugly annually.
  6. You do realize there are 130 D1 schools(64 of which are P5s). So, remaining in the top 25% of recriiting as a small private school with a moderate size stadium is probably our destiny. We keep doing what we're doing and start adding a 4* B&U annually and we'll eventually get there.
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  7. Recruits do not think this objectively. They have been the best in the area for awhile. Everyone tells them they are special. Coaches pay for them to visit like a celebrity and tell them they are going to be an integral role. They see the big stadiums and maybe unethical boosters.
  8. Someone kill this thread please.
  9. This thread is the worst thing I’ve seen tonight and I watched the end of that basketball game.
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  10. The reality is that nobody cares if a third string guy gets kicked off the team because you don’t even know who he is. We care and remember when our starting DE or QB or PR gets kicked off the team. Plenty of backups get kicked off all the time, you just don’t hear about it or remember.
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    The victim was not Montgomery's child.
    Frank Montgomery was the only person at his apartment, while he was babysitting his girlfriend's 16-month old daughter, when the little girl died. The mother had needed to leave, she had a test for an evening class she was taking at Tarrant County College. The girlfriend who is white and her daughter who was also white were both now living with Montgomery who is black. The mother had moved in with Montgomery while still married. The toddler had remained living with her father, but the mother was able later to obtain shared custody from her ex-husband during the divorce process.
    It was determined by the medical examiner that the child died of a blunt force injury to her head. The wounds were not consistent with Montgomery's 911 call or his answers during police questioning. Montgomery was eventually found guilty of capital murder and was given life in prison.
    An appeals court affirmed the trial court's judgement.
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    You're right … but if a kid can't figure out the numbers for themselves, then their parents should help them along with that, especially if they want serious playing time, for a shot at the next Level..

    And I probably would have bit on the "you're one of the best CBs we've seen in years" smoke up myass gibberish. With all the info out there... it would seem parents could play a better role in their sons' best overall interest. Perhaps parents are just as naive as their kids, in many cases..
  13. May as well add that Montgomery failed more than one polygraph
  14. Interesting! Original press stated that it was "his" daughter which was clarified in subsequent articles as "her" daughter. I remember the retrial, then losing the appeal for the life sentence for murder, but that doesn't even come up in searches, possibly because any press given to those was a short "In Other News" sentence or two. Being able to find the court records online be the most definitive, I suppose. I was looking forward to seeing what Montgomery could do as a senior, but that was such an awful for so much more than his college career. In all the other drug, girlfriend beatings, DWI's or whatever situations that have caused problems for TCU in the past, this seems to be overlooked, and is never mentioned for some reason. This may have been the only one that was truly tragic.
  15. Jesus Christ
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  16. This thread has turned into a Dateline episode
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  17. No, it was Frank Montgomery.
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  18. I would pay really good money for the first 2020 kid to commit in the next 10 minutes. Good god.
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  19. Luper had a funny story about Foster at the recruiting event. He was talking about how much he liked Foster quite a while back and he was trying to sell Coach P on him, but GP thought he looked "slow" in some of his film. GP wasn't there when they timed Foster at our camp, but all the other coaches timed him. Luper was joking that they didn't want to let him in on it, since they new he would be quick on the watch "boom... 4.29!." Ha. They all ended up timing him and he ran a 4.38.
  20. That's what Jimbo said.

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