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2019 Recruiting Thread

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by Moose Stuff, Jan 16, 2017.

  1. Hmmmm
  2. This is precisely what drives me crazy when people say we need to increase our recruiting rankings. There are plenty of higher ranked kids who, instead of improving our program, may instead drag it down by getting in trouble with the law, skipping class, acting like prima donnas and actually hurting the team, etc.

    You don't need the highest rated recruits, you need the right ones.
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  3. To me this depends on whether you are trying to recruit kids who will have success at the next level, or at this one.

    We've had some guys who were phenomenally successful with us but didn't become top pros. I'm fine with that, as long as they become successful humans.
  4. IMHO, this is a good discussion - this level or the next level. Personally I believe GP recruits for this level.

    As somewhat of a guide, the following is a list of TCU players who made 1st. team all Big 12 since we entered the conference in '12. When you see the names it will bring back memories and just realize how many good players we have had that were not 4* recruits and certainly no 5*. How many are still in the NFL and are playing SIGNIFICANT minutes?

    Fields, Maponga, Verrett, Boykin, Oberkrom, Dawson, Hackett, Doctson, Hunt, Pierson, Carraway, Kindred, Howard, Turpin, Banogu, Boesen, Texada, Orr, and Collier. 19 players in 7 years.
  5. Sure, but we’re never gonna take the next step in recruiting until we consistently start putting our better players into the NFL and those players start succeeding in the NFL. We’ve had some, we need more. That’s the#1 way to sell a program these days. We need LJ and Ben to make it. We need Ross to make it. Reagor, Sewo, Niang, Innis, Gladney.....
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  6. Moose, I think the players you mentioned (8) all have a good chance of being drafted (not free agency) which would indicate GP's recruiting is getting better. The list of 1st. team all Big 12 is 19 and I only see 4/19 getting significant minutes and now you bring up 8 which are potentially going to make it. There is no doubt, the trend is good.
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    That’s the point. Doesn’t matter what a kid did in high school, never know what a kids going to do when he gets to the next level, measurables or not.
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  8. So much of it comes down to makeup and how well your assistants are getting to know these kids as they recruit them. I always felt like Charlie Strong’s staff at UT was awful at this. Sure they got a bunch of highly regarded kids but I always felt like they were just randomly offering highly rated kids with little regard for if they were a good fit.
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  9. And offered whoever TCU offered.
  10. gary touched on something in his last press conference that i truly believe does hurt the frogs in this state and it is the lack of respect the program receives in various areas of the state.

    not just in the media, but i believe at the high school coaching staffs. over the holidays was at a friends house who coaches at the high school level and there were some other members of the staff. couple were guys who graduated from 1-aa schools, but were riding texas.

    when i asked why i heard about mensa, the locker room etc.....part of this is an image war we won't ever win based on numbers of alums etc...but part of this is because we have not got word out about the facilities and in some cases opened up the program to the high school coaches as other schools around the state.
  11. I certainly understand your point and agree to an extent. But I don't know how to feel about the point that player success in the NFL is the #1 way to sell a program.

    There are lots of schools that put tons of guys in the league but don't get highly rated classes - Pitt, Wisconsin, Cal to name a few.

    Our recent string of tackles in the league doesn't seem to have improved our OL recruiting.

    And again, we disagree on "the next step in recruiting". Many of the programs that get the highest rated guys end up dedicating time to getting them to go to class, stay off of the police blotter, work hard, spend time in the film room, etc.

    I wouldn't trade our classes over the last ten years with UT's, and yet we've accomplished more. And I certainly don't envy Baylor for the highly rated guys they brought in - I don't want to compromise our standards for that.

    To me, we're never going to get a top 10 class, and I'm fine with that. I just hope we get slightly higher rated guys who don't bring us trouble.
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  12. 1) you don't think players in the nfl at that position had a thing to do with landing williams and coker?

    2) you really are going to play that card? why didn't turpin finish the season? i forgot, what was his injury?

    tcu has kids that don't go to class on their own, get in trouble, and word has it even had a starting quarterback who really didn't like to do film work, but that only happens elsewhere right?
  13. Uh, we have guys on staff dedicated to "project shadow" that do just this, so I'm not sure we are getting the big trade off you think we are.
  14. GP is respected but not the most liked by the media.
  15. I don’t know if this is true or not, but he can only blame himself if in fact it is true. You can’t expect to be a media darling and keep closed doors to the public like he does.
  16. And he gives literally zero scheisss about that FWIW. Not criticizing your point, just pointing that out.
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  17. You need to watch this.
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  18. Insane. Nobody can tackle him. To be fair though, many of those kids looked like they weren't sure they wanted to tackle him. Me likey
  19. i seen spiller play in several games and have not seen foster play in person, but i just don't see the explosiveness in spiller especially this past season.

    not sure foster is the top back in the state and don't know how barlow isn't a 4-star, but i have said that for multiple tcu recruits in this class

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