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2019 Recruiting Thread

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by Moose Stuff, Jan 16, 2017.

  1. I agree but it the fact that he’s so guarded and sometimes hostile to the media does play a role in the lack of love they show us. There’s no doubt he could give a rats ass about it. Which is fine with me.
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  2. True...but as someone else pointed out, he doesn’t care. I think he’s the kind of guy that would rather be respected then liked
  3. If you believe in 247's ratings, they have Foster as the top RB in the state.

    Their rankings ended up:
    1. Daimarqua Foster (94)
    2. Isaiah Spiller (92)
    3. Deondrick Glass (90)
    4. Darwin Barlow (89)
    5. King Doerue (87)
  4. We have 2 special special backs coming this fall
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  5. I didn't say having guys in the NFL had nothing to do with recruiting other guys. I was responding to the comment that it's the number one way to sell a program.

    Yes I'm going to play that card. I'd prefer chip on the shoulder guys to entitled guys who don't put in the work, and I think it's reasonable to say that higher rated guys are more entitled.

    The QB who didn't put in the work was one of our highest rated QBs ever. That was the joke.

    Would you trade our classes for those signed by UT?
  6. Also will be interested if either one redshirts
  7. here is where this stuff gets really crazy to me. according to the 247 "composite" list spiller is a higher rated prospect than foster, but according to the top247 it as you listed above.
  8. i find it very interesting you choose to ignore all the off the field trouble tcu has had at times with their 2 and 3 star recruits after you specifically mention it
  9. There have been problems, sure. And I'm not ignoring it any more than you are ignoring the teams with lots of NFL players who still don't pull highly rated classes.

    My point is that higher rated guys tend to bring more trouble, more entitlement, and less interest in "playing school".

    If anyone wants a top ten recruiting class, he might as well buy an orange T-shirt and celebrate. Until he has to play TCU and their lower rated class.
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  10. Not only do you have zero evidence or information to back this up, the experience at TCU says that this is not correct.
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  11. Okay, but Shawn Robinson says hi.
  12. SR didn't bring "trouble", he just didn't work out like they hoped he would. I imagine a big part of that is he just wasn't nearly as good a player as some anointed him to be. He was a 3-star anyway, remember?
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  13. More entitlement, as I said. And I don't want to trash our highest rated recruits, but

    Tyson Thompson - non qualifier
    LD Brown - kicked off team following arrest
    Devonte Fields - dismissed after arrest

    Those are our top three highest rated recruits not currently in the program

    I'm just saying that the higher the ranking, the higher propensity for trouble of one kind or another. Not that lower rated kids can't get in trouble but they're probably less likely to have a sense of entitlement.

    And again, I wouldn't trade our classes for those signed by UT.
  14. You can say that all you want, but it doesn’t make it true. And non-qualifier is not at all in the same league as causing trouble or having a bad attitude ... it’s not even indicative that a kid wouldn’t work hard in school, just shows that he didn’t do so in high school (or JUCO as the case may be). Maybe at TCU he would do better.

    I don’t want to go down the list of TCU players that have been arrested or kicked off the team over the past ten years, but the VAST majority of them were not four or five star players.
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    is this the result of some scientific study?

    curious about the star ratings of these guys:
    • lorenzo jones
    • casey pachall
    • ty horn
    • dj yendry
    • tanner brock
    • trevone boykin
    • tipa galeai
    • kavontae turpin
    • dwight smith
    • james dunbar
    that is just a short list off the top of my head and i did not list anyone whose situation wasn't well known. not trying to embarrass any of these guys, but trying to show that those things that you claim don't happen as much with 2 and 3 stars do happen and we know it does happen because look at the list and that is just the kids whose dirty laundry came to light.

    yes, tcu has had some highly rated screw-ups and disappointments. fields, brendan carter, ladarius brown, robinson, and tyson thompson just off the top of my head, but don't think those things don't happen with lower rated recruits because at the end of the day we are still talk about teenagers and young men in the early 20's so the perfect recipe for screw-ups.

    as far as anyone wanting a top-10 class buying an orange t-shirt does that include gary?

    in the 2019 class 247 shows tcu offered 7 5-stars and 70 4-stars landing 3 4-stars.

    in the 2018 class 247 shows tcu offered 7 5-stars and 93 4-stars landing 5 4-stars.

    in the 2017 class 247 shows tcu offered 7 5-stars and 53 4-stars landing 4 4-stars.

    in the 2016 class 247 shows tcu offered 9 5-stars and 78 4-stars landing 10 4-stars

    that is 0 for 30 on the 5-stars and 22 out of 294 on the 4-stars offered in the last 4 classes so why offer the higher rated prospect if you have a lower chance of landing them and according to you everyone knows they are going to be a bigger pain in the ass?
  16. The 247 composite rank is an average of Rivals, ESPN, Scout, and 247 rankings.
  17. thanks for the clarification
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  18. If you want to win recruiting championships go ahead and shoot for that. I don't think it will ever happen for TCU, unless you live in an alternate reality world where recruiting services start pandering to schools with small fan bases.

    And I don't think it needs to happen. We've been in the top ten and top five multiple times. 15 of the 20 schools with top 20 recruiting classes have underperformed us on the field, which is the only place I worry about having success.

    I understand that some people think we need to have top ten recruiting classes to have success. I don't know how they can look at the success we've already had and explain it away, considering where our classes have ranked.

    My opinion is that ratings are overrated, and also that often higher rated guys are tough to coach and have other problems due to a history of not being disciplined.

    But if somebody else wants to chase starsies, knock yourselves out.
  19. so why are we offering these guys? over 300 5 and 4-star rated recruits offered in the last 4 years.

    this is not a preference by me or anyone else on this board. these are offers extended by patterson and his staff. say what you want, but you don't make an offer unless you hope someone says yes
  20. I haven't done any research but I would wager any football player who carries an entitled attitude through High School and brings it to a college program has the propensity to be trouble. You certainly don't need to be a 5* to have an entitled attitude.

    I knew some zero star private school FB players with that snotty [ steaming pile of Orgeron ] attitude back in the day. They couldn't have even sat the pine at ACU, much less come to play at TCU. But then the dude that everyone considered our best player and played at SFA was (and still is) one of the nicest classmates I had. He would respect everyone and was genuinely positive.

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