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2019 Recruiting Thread

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by Moose Stuff, Jan 16, 2017.

  1. I saw that Florida State has offered Barlow.
  2. Dead period over yesterday so activity will pick up. Still about 6 spots that can filled, hopefully at least 2 by grad transfers.
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  3. Barlow is a hot commodity. Hope we can hold him
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  4. JKB really doesn’t want Barlow in Fort Worth. Also I wonder if Kendall is asking kids if they like white girls still?
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  5. how is this guy any different from will lyles?

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  6. Couple take aways ...Nook has a neck like a tree trunk and Sandy looks like he 5years from paying off a mortgage
  7. And I learned that Max doesn't pronounce his last name like Doogan, which was my first guess.
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  8. Another JUCO OL name to watch, recently offered by WSU and interest has picked up from UT and TCU:

    Jimmy Price 6-5/305 Tyler CC very good feet and works out in the Dallas area. Very strong.

    You will like this video

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  9. Man I like that his film...Good feet and some nasty in him
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  10. he does a really good job of getting his hips and shoulders turn to turn the defender in the run game or at least showed that on the tape.
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    Lets nail him down … his best chance for playing time in a quality P5 program..
  12. Should be some good news this weekend

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    DAAAAAMMMMN did you see that block at :16? Look at the 46 yd line.

    **Edited to say holy crap that young man is terrifying. Some of those hits are Ronnie Lott-esque.
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  14. Interesting
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  15. Would be a really nice end to the DE search
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    FWIW the DE reference is I believe is David Ugwoegbu but don't have access to the article. I started to bring up his name earlier but thought it was a longshot. Hopefully not!

    David Ugwoegbu is a 6-5/230 DE at Katy Seven Lakes and had TCU interest at one time but seemed to have gone quiet on the Frogs. Offers include OU, Alabama, TAMU and many others along with TCU.

    Thought to be an OU/TAMU battle but looks like TAMU doesn't have room for him. OU still the favorite but he is open to options of which he has plenty.

  17. Having two DE’s go to the combine and potentially get drafted has to help our ability to land a top flight DE.
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  18. This hasn't helped as much as I thought it would. Maybe when they get drafted.

    Seems the big school bright lights is more important and trumps the reality of real results.
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