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2019 Recruiting Thread

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by Moose Stuff, Jan 16, 2017.

  1. We're about to raise our THT levels...
  2. not good news, freaking great news

    lucas can be a dominant tackle and gives the frogs a very solid three tackle rotation or the ability to slide austin inside if they wish next year.

    still would love to land a grad transfer interior linemen who could take the center position
  3. I think next years line will be pretty good. Really hoping that some of the young players can provide solid depth and show good talent growth. We generally need 8 lineman to make it through a year and it would be nice if we didn’t look like a HS team again in 2020
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  4. Maybe so, but names like Tomlinson, Catalon, and Washington have done great things for TCU. Undersized safeties are OK if they are ballers. WRs, of any size, suck if they can't catch the balls that hit them in the hands.

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  5. Great name association for sure...
  6. Jalen Hurts did you hear that?
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  7. That’s not what he tweets when we get a commit. #Whonext? (Or something like that)
  8. What does he mean by that?
  9. “Someone has committed to join the TCU football program. Who would like to be the next person to do so?”

    Oh stewardess...
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  10. i agree that classes can get inflated by the skill positions which i think get overvalued and i don't think many of the "recruiting experts and services" truly know what they are doing in evaluating offensive and defensive linemen.

    it takes a great deal of ability to project where a player will be in a few seasons after spending time in a college weight program and under the tutelage of a quality position coach.

    i also think a big key in recruiting the classes is you have to bring in bodies each and every year.

    in regards to the rankings i would put the frogs in the top half of the o-lines and top third of the d-lines. part by number and i do think when you look at the line rankings it points out a few other things.

    andrew coker is rated as a 3-star and we know all the efforts made by texas to flip him. when he didn't texas focused later on hookfin. interestingly hookfin, who was basically an unknown at the start of the year in recruiting ends up a 4 star.

    marcus williams is supposedly the #144 rated offensive tackle prospect in the country according to 247. talking to two coaches i know who scouted longview multiple games the only offensive tackle they saw who they felt was better was the kid from oakridge.

    biggest thing to me is tcu filled needs in the offensive line and is addressing those needs in the d-line still
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  11. Means the staff is out recruiting.
  12. This is just Coach Modkins way of showing he's had a good conversation with a recruit. He uses a "Who's next" when we get a commitment.
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    footnote froglifeyo to ranking of offensive line classes.

    here are the star rating, national ranking, and position ranking of the frogs 2012, 13, and 14 offensive line classes

    4 star - 262 -29th
    3 star - 506- 8th
    3 star - NA - 90th
    3 star - 739 - 53rd

    3 star - 592 -33rd
    3 star -NA- 96th
    NA - NA - NA
    3 star - 848 - 44th
    2 star - JC 271 - 10th

    3 star - 425 - 34th
    3 star - NA - 118th
    3 star - NA - 119th
    2 star - NA - 174th
    3 star - JC 74 - 4th

    i didn't put the names on it because knowing who it is we know how the story is going to play out. 7 of those 14 recruits either are in the nfl, were on an nfl roster, or made and nfl camp yet only one of them was given a rating higher than 3 stars

    6 of the 9 offensive linemen signed in 2012 and 2013 are in the nfl, were on an nfl roster, or made an nfl camp. i am not sure any other recruiting class in the big 12 tops that type of production for those two years and yet i am sure we can find classes that consist of better groups on paper than 1 4-star, 5 3 stars, a 2 star, and 1 unrated player.
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  14. Another PWO offer

    Ryan Silvios of West Lawn PA 6-5/265 OT

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  15. LOL, who to believe?
  16. In my weekly “why you should pay for 247” commentary .... JC has an interesting post about a kicker up today in the forum.
  17. Is the kickers name Jalen?
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  18. Not sure what you mean. Moose and I don’t disagree. I was answering what “#whonext” means. Moose was answering what the fire emoji thing means.
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  19. according to sum that would mean jc has branched out to write fiction
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  20. I totally agree
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