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2019 Recruiting Thread

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by Moose Stuff, Jan 16, 2017.

  1. scheiss mack brown

  2. LT’s nephew for those that don’t know.
  3. Backstory on this kid..... committed to Baylor right before signing day but didn’t sign. Widely assumed he would commit to TCU if offered. Wonder if we can read anything into this offer on terms of what it means for Catalon.
  4. Probably
  5. [​IMG]
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  6. Would love to have Catalon but another 5’-9 safety isn’t ideal...it used to be loaded up on undersized WRs, now its safety..
  7. Pretty sure Hodges-Tomlinson is a 5’9 safety.
  8. That’s my point...Hodges-Tomlinson + Catalon + Ar’dariusWashington. A lot of extremely short safeties
  9. Maybe he won’t even end up at safety... if he’s talented, smart, and a hard worker, I’m sure McGyver (aka Patterson), will fashion a logical position... make an RB a stud DE, make a QB a stud LB, make a safety a ?
  10. Kicker, please make him a kicker.
  11. if we are going to take 2 of any position in the remaining group for 2019 i am good with 2 more de's or 2 more interior offensive linemen.

    two reasons

    first, frogs already have 6 safeties on their current roster who are either a true freshman or red-shirt freshmen. add in mccuin, foster and possibly winter and that gives you 9 safeties in 2 grade classifications.

    second, everyone gets excited by the one handed catches by the clemson frosh receiver and the play of the frosh quarterback, but that game was won by clemson in the lines. ou has manhandled tcu in the last 3 games which seems to get lost when everyone talkes about murray and baker.

    frogs aren't good enough in the lines yet to win the big 12 and have needs at defensive end and interior line
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  12. I agree that that games are essentially won and lost by the lines. I wonder what would happen if you relooked at Big12 Recruiting only evaluating OL and DL. Would we still grade out as having the 3rd best class?
  13. Crystal balls rolling in for THT to TCU. Appears a commitment may be imminent.

    FWIW... he got a decent ratings bump from 247 recently.
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  14. Might be the best at DL only.
  15. I'll take my chances on THT's DNA
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  16. Just tweeted.

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  17. THT???
  18. Don't know if posted...good news on Niang.

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  19. Got to be

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