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2019-2020 TCU basketball thread

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Rose Bowl, Aug 21, 2019.

  1. Tomorrow is def a must win though. 5-7 wont be bad for where we are.
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  2. Parrish is closer to Bane as far as shooting goes than RJ to Parrish.
  3. Don't forget he's also only a sophomore and is asked to do things we never expected of BP. I'm not trying to say they're exactly the same. I'm saying their trajectories are similar in improvement from one year to the next. I expect RJ to have a really strong year for us next year. I don't think RJ is ever going to shoot at the same percentage BP did, but I do think he'll improve and he's much better than BP in most other areas of the game.
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  4. Rj legit has NBA body and Athleticism. At times, he has the ball on a string.

    He needs to find ways to simplify his moves.
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  5. The thing I noticed with RJ... you know how some people like a Luka or a Kobe seem like they could be watching television or be at a rock concert or be in a demolition zone, but if they are dribbling, their hands will guide the ball and then receive the ball back and forth perfectly - like with micrometer precision? No matter how much is or isn't going on around them...

    RJ has the will to do that, and can move without the ball very similar to a Kobe or Westbrook. But it's the dribbling precision that has needed work. It's like his receiving hand is a little bit off so it deflects sometimes or his body gets ahead of the ball. If he can improve this his ceiling rises tremendously.
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  6. This is a great way to put it. He has that capability. To add, he is a great athlete.

    I hope he puts it together.

    Still think PJ has the most potential on team. Even if just due to his natural tools.
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  7. PJ's gonna be a beast and his effort is already there. Once he gets a little more comfortable, watch out.
  8. I don’t see how 5-7 isn’t bad. Two games below .500 isn’t bad? It’s fvcking garbage is what it is.
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    The main thing that drives me crazy with RJ is something he can fix immediately....no need to be in the program 3 years, or 5 years before he can improve - freaking use two hands to catch AND pass the ball. This one handed "look how kewl I am" stuff accounts for half his turnovers and costs him at least 2 or 3 assists a game.

    Easy fix so its obviously something he just does not want to do.
  10. Big difference in 5-7 when the losses are competitive vs. when the losses are 20, 30 and 46 point embarrassments. Competitive losses during a 8-10, or possibly even a 7-11 conference season puts us in consideration of a tourney bid. Blowout losses with the same record put us in consideration for the CBI.
  11. You are what your record says you are.
  12. Makes you wonder why Strength of Schedule is used then.
  13. Beard absolutely sucks as a coach. Tech is a terribly coached team. How could they beat a team by 30 plus at home then lose to them on the road. Unreal.

    (Welcome to college athletics to those who haven’t been around college kids before)
  14. I detect your sarcasm. That was a surprising loss for Tech, though. They played really bad defense for the last 10-12 minutes of that game. Pokes played great, but even average Tech defense for the last 5 minutes wins them that game.

    To your point, it perfectly illustrates how inconsistent and fickle college athletes can be.
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  15. texas gets drilled by iowa state losing by 29 with a team missing three starters.

    the opportunity is there for the frogs to right a few things starting today.
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  16. He’s gonna be a good one!!
  17. Frank looks very skilled. Obviously adequately athletic.
  18. The momentum of that Tech program is going in the wrong direction. I just don't think the players like playing for Beard.
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  19. frogs find themselves to pick up a big 12 win on the road in austin tonight as the horns and shaka's time in austin are both teetering on the edge with the frogs in a position to end any hope for both tonight.

    a win in austin gives the frogs 6 wins in conference play with upcoming games at iowa state and hosting ou.

    7 wins is a more likely goal, but 8 wins might not be farfetched beginning with a win tonight.

    that begins with the frogs taking care of the ball, pressuring texas on the defensive end and not letting their guards get anything started, and the frogs get a balanced offensive effort.

    there is some talk about the texas program that with john beilein leaving the cavs he could become a target with his ties to texas assistant luke yaklich

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