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2019-2020 TCU basketball thread

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Rose Bowl, Aug 21, 2019.

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    One noticeable difference with this year's team compared to all others under CJD is health. This bodes well down the stretch assuming guys continue to get better. And no I'm not jinxing the team by saying this.
  2. I agree that 9 conference wins is probably the magic number (w/ a win over the big 3). I think the Big 12 will get six in ultimately. The committee says they don't pay attention to that, but that's a lie.

    Big 12 may not seem as strong this year, but it's still the 2nd highest rated conference in NET. The fact of the matter is, the strength all over the country is down. I tried to find 68 deserving teams and found it very difficult.
  3. the one catch of course trying to project the 68 deserving teams is invariably one of the auto-qualifier leagues with have an upset and they get an extra team in the tournament which cuts into those extra slots
  4. No doubt about it. There could be a decent amount of that this year with as much parity as there is.
  5. Tell me we were one of the 68 deserving teams in your analysis?
  6. Not yet. Need more quality wins.

    But, like I said, finding 68 is difficult right now. Most every team out there is flawed. I give the Frogs a lot better chance of making it than Ken Pom does. 6% is too low IMO.
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  7. I don't know much about the process, but I agree the 6% seems way low.
  8. Here's a fairly easy way to understand it-

    -68 Teams
    -34 Conferences receive automatic bids
    -22 Conferences are typically one-bid leagues (although WCC is typically two)
    -33 bids available
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  9. finding 69 is harder.
  10. [​IMG]
  11. Finance-

    You got into the Buffalo Trace again, didn't you? :)
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  12. wednesday texas comes to town and they are quickly approaching a point of no return for their season.

    horns are 12-7 overall with some really weak non-conference wins, are 2-4 in conference play, but have played the top three teams in the big 12 in baylor, kansas, and wvu.

    what is interesting to me is they are similar to tcu offensively in that they use a great deal of dribble penetration to try to free shooters stationed along the 3-point line and while they shoot a number of 3's as a team they aren't a great 3 point shooting team.

    jericho sims versus kevin samuel could be very interesting as both are playing very well right now though neither is featured in the half court offense.

    one other interesting common offensive trait is that in conference play both teams are upside down in assist to turnover ratio.

    desmond bane has been the driving force for the frogs in conference play and it will be interesting to see if texas tries to copy what arkansas did defensively against desmond
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  13. Woah. Was this reply written by Trump?
  14. The Tech win is nice but we are going to have to beat another of the top teams with that loss to Texas. Can’t lose those type of games at home
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  15. Yep. Awful awful awful
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  16. Beating absolutely nobody OOC is going to come into play as well. That loss last night sucked
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  17. Dixon blows- wish UCLA hired him
  18. Wondered what happened to Rod.

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