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2019-2020 TCU basketball thread

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Rose Bowl, Aug 21, 2019.

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  2. That Texas loss sucks
  3. Is it possible that this becomes a 3 bid conference? Thinking 4 but probably 5 but not sure that 5th spot is warranted
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  4. And the teams around us in conference at least have one decent win OOC that we do not.
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    think it will stay with 4 bids, but a great deal will depend upon the carnage that takes place when those 4 teams at 4-4 play out the next 10 games.

    tech has some quality non-conference wins and i think is strongest of the 4. texas is the weakest of the 4 and has a truly horrible non-conference schedule.

    ou and tcu are in the middle and neither has an overly impressive out of conference win.
  6. Texas is the strongest and weakest of the 4. Shroedingers longhorn
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  7. scheissing autocorrect
  8. OK State defeated K-State in Manhattan, which means we are now playing the worst team in the conference on Saturday.
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    there are reports out of austin that jericho sims has sustained a back injury and will most likely miss the rest of the regular season.


    if this is correct and kai jones along with febres are out through the middle of next week the frogs find themselves with an opportunity in the next two games to right a few things on the offensive end and gain a bit of momentum going into the last 7 games of the regular season
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  10. Again...I sit here disgusted at the last few games for sure, but Saturday has to be a blowout game . Get us to 5-7 and back on track. As ugly as the ugly has been, the good has been ok too. Beating Tech was no easy thing. 5-7 after sat gives us a real shot at 7-9 wins, if we can steal 1 or 2 big home games vs oklahoma, baylor, wvu ...beat k state, texas, and somehow pull a few rabbits out and all of a sudden we look ok compared to our expectations.

    Also, clemson smoked pitt last night. Interesting.
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  11. I am an optimist and I think I've shown that, but there's a little part of me that doesn't trust us - the way we've been playing - to beat either KSU or UT minus Sims. It's not just that our shooters currently couldn't hit water if they fell out of a boat, but that the flow of the offense has just looked so... damned... stagnant. And my pet peeve we've fallen into is how horrible we are out of timeouts. It seems like we turn it over every time. I'm sure that's just perception but... man.

    I want to believe. I want to see something Saturday that I can buy into.
  12. I totally agree. My thoughts are hope of what we can be haha
  13. Notice the local paper had a letter to the editor today saying fire the coach and the AD?

    Letter writer was from Waco so no doubt a baylor troll.
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  14. Do you have a link?
  15. Sustained effort was absent and it was just a tragedy we lose this game and to Texas at home.

    We've got to get some players in here and get off these mid major scrubs or we are never going to challenge for the Big 12 title. We talk about coaching and developing players but, some of these players don't seem to be able to develop, ie., RJ in his 3rd. year comes to mind.
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  16. I think RJ has shown substantial improvement each year. I keep coming back to this, but I see him as a more athletic Brandon Parrish. We were all underwhelmed with him as a freshman, but he gradually worked his way into being a key starter his junior year and a pivotal role player in our NIT title run. He developed into a solid scorer for us and a good defender. RJ has done the same things. The only knock on him now, IMO, is that he's too turnover prone. I think that improves significantly next year just by virtue of his continued development, but also b/c he won't need to handle the ball as often as we ask him to this season. Dennis being a horrible ball handler has forced us to use RJ a lot in that role.
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  17. sorry I do not, but it was in the Thursday 2/13 Star-T letters to the editor section
  18. Don’t forget RJ is a horrible shooter too, especially compared to Parrish.

    Here is RJ’s career shooting %

    Here is Brandon Parrish’s
  19. a shame because rj is so talented in other ways
  20. I’m somewhat shocked he’s at 35% this year. Thought it would be closer to 30%
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