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2019-2020 TCU basketball thread

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Rose Bowl, Aug 21, 2019.

  1. I know it’s early but with school starting I believe it’s time to start the conversation about our hoops teams. Time to find out what people’s thoughts are plus any news about the team and recruiting can be conveyed in this thread.
  2. The big question I have is who is going to be our first commit for the ‘20 class? I know Lampkin is visiting next weekend but are there any others who will be visiting before the season.
  3. My question is how do you think the staff will use Dennis? He doesn’t seem to be a point even though he’s short and his shooting stats aren’t very good. Hope his defense is good.
  4. In. On. ONE!!!!!

    Go Frogs!
  5. Guardian, what you got?
  6. I’m pretty excited about the season. I’m glad everything settled down after all the turmoil last year. Someday I hope to know what was going on in that locker room last year and I think there was a cancer caused by one or more players that affected the others. It’s possible the UCLA rumors for JD were earlier and stronger than any of us knew. That’s been put to bed and JD is a Frog for as long as he wants to be here. My hope is for 25 wins this season but a +20 will still be a good one and I think that’s the floor for this team. That would be four straight solid seasons in a row, something we haven’t seen in a long time. GO FROGS!
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    Rose Bowl-

    Also coming in next weekend are-
    - KK Robinson 6-0 PG Bryant, AR
    - Max Murrell 6-9 PF Omaha, NE
  8. I look forward to a team where I don’t have to learn 5 plus players again
  9. You may want to pick another sport.

  10. This may not be what you want to hear but his forte' is 3 point shooting. He is really streaky. He's like most shooters. When he gets a clean catch and shoots it in rhythm, he's makes a high percentage.
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  11. since he hasn't hit more than 32% from 3-pt the last two years i guess he hasn't had many clean looks?
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  12. If only he were an above average rebounder as well.

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  13. I got a phone call about the season ticket renewal deadline - is it really tomorrow? Don’t think I’ve seen a single email about it.

  14. I trust you Skip but a 31.5% 3 pt avg doesn’t fill me with a lot of hope. Maybe he should try to be more efficient than a shot taker.
  15. Maybe he didn't get as many quality catch and shoot opportunities at UTA as the staff thinks he can get with us.
  16. Because of our great history of ball movement and motion....
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  17. Or because Noi and Bane got tons of great looks from 3 that Skip believes are in his wheelhouse. Not unrealistic to think this guy can get the same looks. And given that we may have 4 guys on the floor capable of making these shots he may have more good looks than we got last year.

  18. I’m hoping you’re right but in my experience if a guy is a 36% shooter from the field then he’s just not a good shooter or finisher. I’m confident the staff can put him in a position to succeed but right now I don’t see how he really makes us better. Hope he proves me wrong.
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  19. I was told about a screaming fight heard from way outside the locker room at one of the really early games, maybe even in Hawaii? Never heard who was involved but sounds like a bad way to start off the season.
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  20. Was that the Yuat Alok punching wall incident when he broke his hand ? Idk lol. Either way the guys that transferred ended up going to levels they belong, if that. The only one w potential was archie. He didnt give it a chance. He woulda played alot.

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