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2019-2020 TCU basketball thread

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Rose Bowl, Aug 21, 2019.

  1. maybe or maybe his Dad :)
    Travel safe and keep the news coming
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  2. Ver nice comfy seats. Was told by some suit that they think this game will have over 5k. Don’t know but the arena is nice.
  3. Friend sent photo. Screen above floor looks really good (photo too large to post, sorry).
  4. The Trojans are big. Kevin and Jaedon have their hands full tonight.
  5. Did we find out if this was a home or neutral game?
  6. Barlow has left the basketball team
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  7. I am ok as long as you are sure its basketball and not football
  9. Yep. Gotta say, surprised it took this long. Pretty clear to me that he just didnt have the game required to play this level.
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  10. I’ll always remember the one basket he scored.
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  11. That makes one of us.
  12. You really can’t blame Barlow for leaving. He was way over his head at this level.
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  13. Seems we brought in several guys who couldn't play at this level over the last couple years.
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  14. As long as Jamie has been in this game and the no. of games he's won, you would think something like this would not have evolved - they are all gone now, the '18 class.
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  15. I have to agree. And let me add that I’ve lost all faith in any recruiting service’s ability to even remotely accurately rate HS basketball players.
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  16. I've never had faith. In football and basketball, they do a really good job of identifying the elite players (which isn't very difficult) but after that they just seem to use a mix of hype and physical measurables to rate everyone else.
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  17. Tech currently up 9 with 12 min left vs #1 Louisville
  18. watched tech against depaul and watching tonight and when you consider the number of new players that are teaching a fairly complicated defensive system and missing their leading scorer for the 3rd or 4th game they are going to be really salty come conference play
  19. That program is significantly in front of ours.
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