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  1. Are we what our record says we are? Probably.

    Am I wishing we magically turn it around and make a nice run to get into post season play? Definitely!
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  2. So we either 1)sweep Texas and go 3-2 in the tournament (lose in champ game) or 2)lose 1 to Texas and go 3-1 in the tournament (sweep pool, lose on Sunday) and we’re more or less right where WVU was in 2016. Sounds like it’s tournament champs or bust
  3. 2018 TCU in 2016 WVU’s position will have better odds than 2016 WVU of getting in—May not end in a different result but with 4 straight Omaha appearances, Schloss, and an upward trend after very significant injuries, we have a better shot than WVU did in 2016.

    I’m thinking 2-1 or 3-0 in Austin and 3-1 in OKC can get it done. That’s a very high bar though. We’ll see what happens this weekend. Conference standings are still up in the air.
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  4. Big 12 standings entering last weekend:

    1. OSU (16-5) (vs Tech)
    2. Texas (14-7) (vs TCU)
    3. Oklahoma (13-8) (at Kansas)
    4. Tech (12-9) (at OSU)
    5. Baylor (11-10) (at WVU)
    6. TCU (10-10) (at Texas)
    7. WVU (8-13) (vs Baylor)
    8. Kansas (6-14) (vs Oklahoma)
    9. Kansas State (5-19) - won’t qualify for OKC

    Texas has the 1-seed tiebreaker over OSU and OSU has the 1-seed tiebreaker over OU, so the Pokes just have to win 1 game vs Tech or TCU just has to win 1 game in Austin to guarantee OSU is at least co-champ (with the 2 seed in OKC) or 2 of any those to lock up OSU as the sole champ and 1 seed.

    Frogs can in theory finish as high as 3rd, but it’s incredibly unlikely as it requires: OU getting swept in Lawrence (incredibly unlikely), TCU sweeping Texas (unlikely), OSU winning its series vs Tech (likely), and Baylor losing its series at WVU (tossup). Frogs can finish as low as 7th.

    I’m not sure it matters how things shake out seeding-wise in OKC. In 1-game tournament matchups we can beat or get beat by any team in the league. I guess I prefer to be i. Whatever bracket OSU isn’t. Fairly decent bet that OSU will be your 1-seed and KU your 8 seed. Otherwise it’s anyone’s guess.

    I’ll update as the weekend progresses.

    All 4 conference series start tonight.
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  6. Depends on how many walks we get this weekend...
  7. 2018 signee Dawson Barr struggled with walks in giving up 3 first inning runs. He settled down to go 6 innings and out duel Texas signee Thomas Burbank and Beaumont Kelly to win the TAPPS Division 1 State Championship.

    Barr beat Sam Houston signee Matt Dillard and Houston St Pius X a week earlier to get to state tournament.

    Barr’s Liberty Christian team took down Houston St. Thomas in the semis by scoring 8 runs off Texas signee Owen Meaney and A&M commit Josh Wolf.

    Those arms in TAPPS D1 are no joke!
  8. don't know about the metroplex, but there is some serious baseball talent playing in the private schools in the houston area. in the suburbs you have a fight for mound time and at bats and inside the houston city limits most people who can afford it try to avoid hisd schools
  9. Only KSU (1-11) had a worse road record in Big 12 play than the Frogs (2-9).
    Frogs 2-4 in games tied after the 6th inning (9-1 last season)
    Frogs 1-6 in games tied after the 7th inning (5-2 last season)
    Frogs 2-5 in games tied after the 8th inning (5-2 last season)

    If you would have told me that we'd only have LB for 60% of the games, that JJ would make just 8 starts on the mound (and only 10 innings in Big 12 play), that DF would not be available after the first game of the Tech series, that ML would become entrenched as our clean-up hitter, and that some freshman named Smith would make the second most pitching starts on the team, not sure I would have predicted even a 30-22 regular season.
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  10. It's done.

    Even if we had a healthy team, we still would not be good enough.
  11. Big 12 Play

    Balta bats .325 in 23 games and slugs .523 (16 Ks and 15 walks)
    Shepherd bats .291 in 23 games and slugs .532 (21 Ks and 14 walks)
    Watson bats .265 in 23 games and slugs .400 (14 Ks and 20 walks)
    Landestoy bats .244 in 23 games and slugs .329 (15 Ks and 13 walks)
    Boulware bats .244 in 23 games and slugs .256 (24 Ks and 10 walks)
    Oviedo bats .220 in 23 games and slugs .232 (24 Ks and 12 walks)
    Rizer bats .211 in 20 games and slugs .421 (11 Ks and 11 walks)
    Hump bats .169 in 22 games and slugs .182 (10 Ks and 15 walks)
    Wanhanen bats .125 in 21 games and slugs .156 (22 Ks and 14 walks)

    Baker bats .356 in 11 games and slugs .689 (5 Ks and 8 walks)
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  12. Man, what the heck? I won’t name names, but darn. I expected a bit more out of guys that were pro prospects coming out of high school. A lot of our guys seem tentative to charge the ball and make a play. Is that coaching? Is that guys trying to preserve their stats in college in order to not hurt their draft status come junior year?

    I don’t know. I am, admittedly, no expert. I just don’t get it. On paper, we should be fairly elite (as I understand it).

    The freaky LB injuries that have ended each of his seasons completely baffles me. Has anyone in the history of sports ever come out of HS as highly rated as him and has such crap luck regarding health? BTW, I’m not knocking him for his health issues. I feel for the guy. Before you ask...yes, I know his KFC username.
  13. There was a certain high school pitcher I played against that was a SI cover boy that didn’t have much luck. I think he has a book out.
  14. A little perspective is needed people.

    In 2013 we were 29-28.

    The next year we went to Omaha.
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  15. How much was tuition then?
  16. So, we should expect more next year?
  17. Todd Van Poppel?
  18. Yes
  19. Nope. But nice guess. Think the late ‘80’s and Bluebell Ice Cream.
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