2017 TCU Football Season Ticket Renewals

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  1. Woohoo! Southside! Aisle seats. Can see the jumbotron. All is good.
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  2. Moved from 236 W to 235 L. Only moving about 7 seats south but looking forward to a shorter hike. Bypassed parking again. Lasts year's Uber rides cost me less than $100. Shocked at how many parking spots are still available. I think we hit the tilting point.
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  3. Forgot to log on today. If I don't do anything, I get the same seats as last year correct?
  4. Correct

    Go Frogs!
  5. Peace, There are spots with grass in lot 4, but they're only by the street and usually always the first to fill up.
  6. All the shade spots in the SEZ are gone halfway thru selection time.
  7. As of Friday the 21st, we still have "shade seats" available in the SEZ reserved sections. Long story short...row X (top row) in sections 130-136 could not be updated in time to reflect the exact # of seats available online.

    If you place your mouse on row X in these sections, there is a description to "call the ticket office for availability". Several fans have done so at their selection time, but we still have limited availability. Please call and we will be happy to assist while available.

    Thanks for your support!

    Go Frogs!
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  8. What rows are considered "shade seats"?
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  9. I have not sat in the area during games so there might be others with actual better data. If so, please feel free to share. But rows X and W are under the overhang created by the club seats above. Rows V and U are on the edge with good chance of shade. Anything on row T and below is dependent on time of year and game time.

    Hope this is useful info. Again, if someone with more actual game experience knows more, I would love to hear from you. Thank you

    Go Frogs!
  10. Anyone picking today? How is it looking?
  11. I pick a little after 10. Don't feel like looking yet. Just stresses me out.
  12. I pick at 12:30...quite a few good seats available. Just depends on what you're looking for. I'm in 234 in JJ/KK...was hoping to move down a few rows. Don't know if its possible. But a lot of good seats available in the top of 234, 233,etc....also appears to be a lot of good SEZ seats.
  13. You are unable to pick seats if it would leave a single, correct? If you have 2 seats and would add a 3rd if it meant you could get the 2 you like, wouldn't that be good for sales?
  14. I pick at 3:11. Not worried about it! Happy to be in the stadium. If I'm surrounded by opposing fans, it's their loss, not mine! I'll welcome them to the stadium and be perfectly cordial but they won't deter my cheering for the frogs.
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  15. I pick on Friday. I have 2 in section 408. Need to add 2 more to get to a total of 4 and possibly move up a few rows - Hows that looking?

    ALSO- when i log in a look at the map, am I looking at the actual updated availability?
  16. Picking tomorrow at noon, Sec 238 EASTSIDE! I'm resigned to the fact that I wont be able to move up or to the center of the field unless we start having some bad seasons. Not bad seats tho. Toudouze and his family/friends sat behind us but those spots have been released so looks like we'll have some new neighbors

  17. You won't be able to add seats during this selection process. Only upgrade your current 2 seats.

    And yes. What you see now is the current availabilty in real time. I'm sure if you logged in right now, you'd see some seats in purple, meaning people had those on hold.
  18. I got EXTREMELY lucky today.

    I started right on time today and put the seats I wanted on hold. Then I had to take a call for work and got distracted, and ended up not checking out in time. This logged me out and caused me to lose my seats on hold.

    Then I logged back in and put different seats on hold, but got called into a meeting before I could check out.

    By the time I came back, there were only seconds left, and it booted me out again! I was SOOO PISSED.

    So I log back in a 3rd time, trying to get back the seats I had on hold in 232 on Row M. I accidentally clicked on the lower part of 234 (which showed red) and right after clicking, I literally watch seats become available in 234, row J in the exact amount I needed, which I then snagged right up.

    Spark Notes:

    I upgraded from 233, Row HH to 234, Row J !!!

    VERY pleased with my upgrade today.
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  19. Aren't many seats in the stadium better from a game watching point of view. Sincerely hope you are fortunate enough to have some Frog fans around you too.
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  20. You're just now picking? You must not have very many priority points. And to think that I pegged you as one of our biggest fans.
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