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2016 College Station Super Regional Thread

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by TCUdirtbag, Jun 5, 2016.

  1. If they hadn't run their scheissing mouths so much before SR, I'd agree. Those guys deserve no mercy. I guess I was a little sad when I played my last FB game, but I didn't sleep on the field. 
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  2. This is getting so tiresome.
    Can we get over these hypocritical comparisons of fan bases and players
    "They are classless because they cheer for their team and have their own traditions"
    "They are classless because they talk trash"

    We need to get some thicker skin! Look in the mirror! It's only classless when it's not YOUR/OUR team. Did you see Durbin's gesture after the last out? Most Frog fans loved that but that was a punk move...
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  3. We broke into the stadium a little after our last high school football game and took a piss on the part of the field that held our best memory. I had to cut it off mainstream and run to another spot.
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    Sorry, I did play baseball at the college level and felt the overwhelming urge to mock this.  So I did on Twitter
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  5. You're right. Some of us do need thicker skin. smdh
  6. I didn't dwell on my last game played because I didn't realize it was my last game played.
  7. I hope we can all agree Miami is the least classy after their showing on that grand slam yesterday. Hope they go two and barbecue
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  8. Glad you agree. Let me know if I can help you out. Keep trying, you'll get there!
  9. Ha. Coach Loop just retweeted this:
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  10. Except Purple Baylor. Only fan bases that make LSU and Ohio State fans seem nice do that
  11. You know "robster" I doubt that there is anything that I haven't yet done, that I want to do, that you could help me out with. So (Please be quiet young man) with your moral, high ground (El Toro Waste).
    Then you talk [ Cumbie’s red zone playcalling ] about Durbin.
    Got my heart ripped out by Notre Dame. Never once did I consider sleeping in the arena.
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  13. Maybe you're right, not sure I can help you. You kind of made my point for me. Most people that talk [ Cumbie’s red zone playcalling ], can't take people talking [ Cumbie’s red zone playcalling ] back to them.

    For the record, my first comment was not a personal attack on you but more of a general statement on the constant whining about "other" fans.

    As for Durbin. I never said I didn't like his gesture. I thought it was awesome. I'm all in favor of trash talking now and then and that was a punk move IMO. But you need to be able to take the trash talk too without getting all butt-hurt (and back it up).
  14. The attendance in Gainesville looks weak. But Florida is gonna take this one. Darn the SEC.
  15. Sorry but they were D bags like their fanbase with the purple Baylor dooshery.Two dudes spooning all night because they have the sads? Screw that. They all talked mad smack prior to getting wrecked. Products of the nation's largest doosh farm. That's all..
  16. I wonder what gutter Boomer slept in.

    And I'm cool with them sleeping on the field. Means it meant a lot to them...
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    Well, they knew they were going to have to quit each other.
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  18. Congrats to the SEC for getting one of their teams to the CWS!
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  19. Good gosh. People have tuned the best feel-good thread since the bowl game into a typical kf.c eat-you're young fest.
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