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2015 Fall Practice Updates/Comments

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by MinFrog, Aug 6, 2015.

  1. No pay site info here but was told Tuaua rolled his ankle in practice and the boot was precautionary. Assuming McFarland was in the same boat since he is back practicing. No word on Pierson.
  2. Decent news. But man, I don't want to not have Pierson out there.
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  3. The boot always worries me, but I have noticed over the years that a ton of guys wear the boot. Roll an ankle walking to class and you get the boot for a few days, snap your ankle into thirty pieces, you get the boot. 
  4. Back in the day seeing a boot was very concerning....now...If you have any tendon strain or ligament strain or ankle roll- boot is virtually automatic - helps you heal faster more efficient....
  5. I feel like I need a boot now.
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  6. I'm in a boot right now. Not taking it off until the game as a show of solidarity
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  7. I need a boot after sticking my foot up FWBear, AKA RapeBears as$ earlier today. Chump.
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  8. Kind of how like nowadays all OL wear knee braces. It used to mean they had an injury there, now they wear them from day one.

    Putting a kid in a boot is probably pretty standard protocol after anything regarding feet/ankles.
  9. Those are the ones with the low heels right?  I like Lucchese for boots but prefer riding ones.
  10. I'm using one of these in my pre-season drills, getting into game day shape.
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    Bend over then!
  12. I need a headboot to keep my brain on task until kickoff.  I'm so damn giddy to get this season underway... I don't want to hurt myself in the course of my regular routine as I
    seem to slip in and out of a "purple fugue state" at a somewhat alarming rate.
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  13. Those that have seen the team at practice this week, how have they looked?
    We should get back to football.
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  14. Lets talk Paul Whitmill for a second.  Let us not forget this guy out of high school was the 37th ranked LB in the country according to 247, number 5 in Texas.  He was listed at 6-1, 230 lbs, although there is a discrepancy from 247 to Rivals to TCU roster.  My curiosity is about the move to LB it has to be a height issue, I do not have his stats (40yd, bench, shuttle) but my thought is that plenty he must have plenty of speed and strength if he was moved to LB.  Also I don't think Patterson would recruit anyone without speed. 
    I believe that Whitmill can play LB and will do it well, I went back and watched some of his HS clips and he seems to have a good nose for the ball, which tells me he has instincts.  To me his size and weight remind me of Mallet but lets hope he has a bit more speed.  I don't think its time to mail it in at LB just yet.
    Look I know we are all worried about DT with Pierson out, I think we have a strong committee of guys to fill and plug holes up the middle.  I think Lawson (6-4, 280) and Curry (6-2, 280) will be just fine, maybe not great and are not a proven commodity but consider me in the "wait and see" mode     
  15. I like the optimism, but probably a reason he got moved to FB until the injury/quitting.
    And if he plays like Mallett, he can be just as slow, I don't care. Mallett had a great season
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  16. I think I need a boot then my wife will leave me alone and let me watch football all weekend.  This board is really paying off for me.   
    On a serious note what happened to good old fashioned tape?  Do they not tape up ankles anymore to prevent it from rolling in practice?   
  17. Guess nobody wants to shave their legs and get confused with SMU players.
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  18. Hopefully Whitmill has the ability to overcome mental mistakes with he speed. Wilson should be a great WSLB on passing plays yet I don't know how he will be able to handle the run.
  19. My concern is the fourth quarter. That Baylor fourth quarter scares the bejeebus out of me with our depth at DL and LB.

    They may try and run for 500 yards. And Perine will be licking his chops to see Wilson trying to fill a gap against him.

    Hope I am wrong.
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  20. As much as I hate to say it..I've officially got the "win by 1" mindset. Let's get the offense clicking..hope the defense can bend but not break..and pray for no more injuries or suspensions. Summers is a smart kid and Howard/Wilson are more than capable. If Whitmill emerges that's seemingly just a bonus at this point.

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