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2015 Baseball - General Thread

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by TCUdirtbag, Feb 19, 2015.

  1. Wanted a thread to post general discussion / articles / analysis about the 2015 NCAA D1 baseball season. So here goes.

    As of this OP, #1 TCU a is undefeated at 4-0 and about to board a plane to take on #9 Arizona State in a 3-game weekend series.

    For those that don't know, ASU is in its first year in its new home--Phoenix Municipal Stadium. ASU is a traditional power baseball program with 5 national championships in the 60s and 70s. Ian Kinsler, former Ranger, played college ball at ASU.

    Weather in PHX for the series looks like:
    - Mid 70s, falling to mid 60s and clear Fri night
    - Mid to upper 70s and clear Sat afternoon
    - Mid to low 70s and mostly clear Sun afternoon

    Perfect baseball weather.

    ASU this season has played 4 home games:
    - v. #5 OSU: W 4-3
    - v. #5 OSU: W 5-3
    - v. #5 OSU: L 8-9
    - v. Oklahoma: W 7-4

    Amazingly, ASU starts the season with 18 consecutive home games and will only play 23 on the road (35 at home). Common TCU opponents are OU, OSU, ACU, USC, and UCLA, however the only common 3-game series opponent is OSU.

    ASU is in year 1 of the Coach Tracy Smith era. Smith was the He'a coach at Indiana and led the Hoosiers to a national seed last year.

    I don't know much about ASU's team but will fog into it some tonight or tomorrow. They'll obviously have better hitting and pitching than we've seen in SIU and UTA.
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  2. Jake said something about getting ASU games online-- do you have any info on that?
  3. Big 12 Conference / RPI Watch:

    #21 Baylor (3-1)
    - Swept ranked Cal Poly last weekend (8-6, 8-6, 6-0)
    - Lost to DBU on Tuesday (9-6)
    - Host Kent St (1-2) for 3 this weekend
    - TCU hosts BU and Cal Poly this yr (3 each) and, like BU will play DBU twice on Tuesday nights.

    Kansas (0-3)
    - Swept by ranked LSU in BR last weekend
    - No mid-week game
    - Playing 4 in the Big 12 - Pac 12 Challenge Tournament this weekend in Surprise, AZ

    Kansas State (2-2)
    - Played in Snowbird Classic in FL last weekend
    - W over Iowa and Pitt
    - L to Geoge Mason and SLU
    - No mid-week game
    - Playing 4 in the Big 12 - Pac 12 Challenge Tournament this weekend in Surprise, AZ

    Oklahoma (3-3)
    - Lost 2 of 3 to Notre Dame in Norman
    - Won 2 at home vs. SIU-Edwardsville
    - Lost 7-4 at AZ State
    - Playing 4 in the Big 12 - Pac 12 Challenge Tournament this weekend in Surprise, AZ

    #10 Oklahoma State (1-2)
    - Lost 2 of 3 at AZ State last weekend
    - No mid-week game
    - Playing 4 in the Big 12 - Pac 12 Challenge Tournament this weekend in Surprise, AZ

    #1 TCU (4-0)
    - Swept SIU (0-3, will play 3 at (0-2) EKU this weekend)
    - Beat UTA 4-1 on Tuesday
    - Travel to #9 ASU for 3 this weekend

    #12 Texas (3-2)
    - Split 4-game series at ranked Rice
    - Beat UTSA 14-2 in ATX Tuesday
    - Host Minnesota (0-3) for 4 this weekend (UM swept at UH last weekend)

    #7 Texas Tech (4-1)
    - Swept San Francisco (4) last weekend
    - Lost to Nevada (4-0) Tuesday 8-4 (Nevada had swept 3 at ACU)
    - Host NIU (3-0) in LBK this weekend for 4

    West Virginia (2-1)
    - Won 2 of 3 at Clemson
    - No mid-week game
    - Play 3 at GA Southern this weekend
    - Won't play at home until March 27
  4. No additional info.

    Check TheSunDevils.com at 7:30 pm CT tomorrow night. If you have the Pac-12 Network from your cable provider, I know you can stream the game online (it's not on TV) with your provider login. If you don't have the Pac-12 Network, I don't know if you can stream or not. If you have a FrogVision subscription you can stream the KTCU Radio Call. It you have an OTA radio and live in FW, it looks like you can tune in to KTCU for Friday's game, at least.
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  5. ASU series can be seen for free online I believe thru their website and PAC 12 online network.
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  7. I like our team but we all need to understand the grind of this schedule...headed for rough days ahead but should make team better by season's end.

    I, for one, am not sold on this pitching staff....this weekend will be interesting.
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  8. BIG 12 --- PAC 12 Challenge:

    This weekend the Big 12 and Pac 12 are hosting the "Challenge" tournament in Surprise, AZ.

    #10 OSU, OU, KU and KSU will rep the Big 12
    Utah, Oregon St, Wash and Wash St will rep the Pac-12.

    Each team will play the other 4 teams from the other league. One game per team each day Thursday through Sunday.
    What are your hesitations on pitching staff?
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  10. Completely agree as to the grind and when we need to peak, but don't get your comments on pitching. I'm less worried about pitching than whether we'll hit elite pitching enough to get Ws. If we didn't feel the need to pull Ferrell out of the pen and put him in the rotation, we have elite pitching. We probably have 5 weekend starters in Alexander, Young, Morrison, Howard and Traver. Howard will mostly be out of the pen but may get some Tuesday starts and will get mid-week starts when we play 2-game weekday series. Teakell is a great reliever. Ferrell is an elite reliever. Vandy is probably the only pitching staff that rivals ours. We'll learn more about hitting in Phoenix this weekend.

    Our schedule is an incredible grind. Will be a fun season but don't put all the emphasis on the W-L record. Particularly in February and March. Remember, we need to peak in May-June. Not in March.
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    Yeah I don't get that at all. Our pitching is going to be legit yet again this year.
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  12. Bold thought: Mitchell Traver will start Sunday's by the time we start Big 12 play. Alexander to 4th starter.
  13. I don't think it's bad...just not in same league as last year....very limited number of strikeouts vs bad opponents to this point....which indicates power arms

    Hope I'm wrong
  14. This is a CWS quality matchup.

    Winning the series would be very big.
  15. 2 earned runs in 36 innings, I'll take that all day long over a bunch of strikes. Morrison doesn't overpower anyone yet he has been arguably our best pitcher the last two years because he can spot his pitches like Greg Maddux. When Alexander is on he can beat anybody. Alex Young looked great on Sunday and Traver can bring it. He looked sharp on Tuesday. We probably have 5-6 pitchers who can start for anybody in the country. I know the first 36 innings were against S. Illinois and UTA, but the pitching staff will be the strength of this team.
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  16. I asked some ASU guys on the d1baseball forums and they confirmed that the streaming link is free free free.  No cable provider login or payment required.  Just have to live with ASU audio.
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  17. Not so bold thought, Morrison to Saturday if Alexander or Young can prove they can be innings hogs. And, I see Young out of the weekend rotation before Alexander.
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  18. Don't know if I believe Alexander has an out pitch yet... Young looks like he has two: Gas, and slider.
  19. I like beisbol.
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