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    Fan Nation: TCU "Zeroed" In On SMU's Dykes As Next Head Coach

    Don't want to start a thread, but FIRE DONATI!!!
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    There's several Asian YouTube streams that have had all the games this year. Good quality as well.
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    Interesting piece in the Athletic this week

    I had a few classes with some football and baseball players (math major so not many athletes) but I feel the same way. It was personal back then!
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    Official Coaching Search Thread….

    I seriously hope Dr. Rhonda Hatcher is a part of this committee. She is so super cool and knows her stuff when it comes to football.
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    Who is your favorite GP-era Horned Frog?

    Loved Holiday, best catcher I've ever seen in person. Loved his passion!!
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    Who is your favorite GP-era Horned Frog?

    He was also a really good guy to know.
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    OT - Starting a new career in late 30s/early 40s

    Easy answer is to become a musician. That's what I did and now I'm divorced and my wife is sleeping with my ex lead singer. Maybe I'm not the one to ask advice from, sorry.
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    Al.com: Watch SMU tries to plant flag at midfield after win, but TCU players take it in skirmish

    What a trash program. I'm about to give up on sports all together
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    SI.com Explanation... Please Read

    Thanks for everything y'all. This site has meant a lot to me!
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    OT: ZZ Top Bassist passes...

    Good dude that did a lot for Texas musicians.
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    Donati hard at work this weekend...

    To the point, appreciate the honesty!