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  1. 3 recent developments show the complete lack of class of the Wisconsin faithful. They have passed the College Station team for the top of my list of classless, entitled fanbases:

    1) This morning I posted the following on the Wiscy board:
    Generation gap in Wisconsin?
    First, congratulations on a great season and an excellent game played on the field. Error-free, power football, exactly as advertised. I know some of you are frustrated by not running more, but the Frogs' opinion is that the big runs on the final drive were set up by your play calling in the first 3 quarters. It was two excellent teams out there, and this TCU fan is glad that we came away with a great victory against a great team.

    My comment relates to my perception of a generation gap in your fanbase. The 40+ fans that we met all over LA, and sat next to in restaurants and at the parade, were pleasant, thoughtful, good people. We enjoyed meeting them, and greatly enjoyed getting to know them, as we have other fanbases (Clemson, BSU, etc.) through the years.

    However, your younger crowd really reflects poorly on your University, and your State. From the "you f'd up" chant, to chanting "f TCU" on the way in to the stadium, to intentionally hard-bumping our fans in the stands, to fighting with each other outside of the game, it was really bad. And it wasn't a few knuckleheads, present in most fanbases (including ours). It was the majority of the younger crowd. For me, taking my three kids (9, 12, and 15) to the game, it was not entirely pleasant.

    It seems that your older fans remember that there are up years and down years, and it pays to be courteous to all, including your opponent. It seems that your younger crowd has had nothing but success and believes the conference affiliation/student body size=greatness nonsense.

    I strongly encourage you more mature Badgers to vocally call out your younger counterparts' bad behavior at games and on messageboards. They are not just making fools of themselves--they are making the entire University and State look bad.


    2) This evening I am banned from the Wiscy board. The above respectful post is far from the type of thing that should get one banned (right, mods?)

    3) I just checked in to the Hyatt at Disneyland with my family, all wearing TCU/purple gear. A 50ish Wiscy fan walked by, made eye contact, and I said "nice game yesterday," as I had done with a number of other Wiscy fans today around Burbank/Universal Studios. He glared at me, without so much as an acknowledgment. After checking in, I walked past he and his wife and another Wiscy couple. I gave him a friendly nod. He continued to glare at me. Finally, I just gave him the only line that should be given to such idiocy: "Stay classy, Wisconsin!"

    Absolute idiots. The several nice older men and women that my family met and sat with at the Parade are completely outnumbered by a state full of absolute [Craig James]heads.

    Stay classy, Wisconsin!
  2. I'm glad a Whisky fan hadn't hard bumped me. I probably would have been escorted out.
  3. Sounds like everyone's appropriate summation.
  4. Walking to my car was pretty trecherous. Got in several heated arguments. But on my way back to the Bay Area, I decided to get a hotel in Bakersfield before I fell asleep at the wheel. When I got to the hotel, there was a husband and wife in Wisky gear waiting to check in.

    We had a nice little chat, but as the conversation went on, I realized the complements were very backhanded and shallow. Things like "Dalton is a great QB, but he'll never set foot on an NFL field," or "your fans are loud for being such a small crowd."

    They were nice enough, so I let it go. But in the back of my head, I was hoping their room was next to the freeway and their alarm clock was set at 3am.
  5. Took the Gold Line to the game. Then you have to catch a shuttle bus to the Rose Bowl. There were a bunch of tanked-up Wisconsin students saying just about TCU with the f-word before everything. I ended up on the bus with them and just sat there. I was about 95 percent sure we would win so I just talked to the guy sitting next to me, a former Marine from Brookyln who retired to California. These knuckleheads, who chanted Nevada State, were certain because they had more fans at the game and cursed more that Wisconsin was going to win the game. I told the guy I was sitting with that TCU had won at Death Valley at Clemson and at OU. Then I said the game will be settled by about 70 players and coaches on each team. The rest didn't matter. Wish I could have rode back with those clowns. But they probably would have made excuses.
  6. I hate to admit it but besides the typical [Craig James] hole students, the older Wisconsin fans were overwhelmingly kind and complementary of TCU after the game. All of them went out of their way to shake our hands and congratulate us as we made our way through the parking lot after the game. One wisky tailgate even gave us free drinks.

    I agree their student body was absolute disgusting. I'm a guy college student and I found it completely appalling to have the F word in any kind of traditional and organized chant.

    Our group made sure to be extremely polite and classy because we understand the way people judge and perceive an entire university based on the behavior of it's students.
  7. I can't really figure out that Wisconsin crowd. I almost wonder whether some of it is a regional difference. Southerners are just warmer, friendlier people and we are used to encountering those same traits in others. The Badger fans displayed mostly unsocial (not necessarily anti social), clannish behavior. They were incapable of initiating pleasantries. In fact more often than not they would not even look you in the eye. Strange, strange group.
  8. Totally agree , older generation semi- polite, younger generation was absolutely horrible
  9. My favorite chant was "longhorn rejects"
  10. Hahaha I must have missed that one...

    Yeah I wish we had a team like the Longhorns...
  11. :huh: ???
  12. Do Wisconsin alums take their children to these games? Their students are disgusting, and the cheers were outrageous.

    One person can stop this nonsense: Bielma (sp?). He needs to start a campaign to clean up that cesspool. Students may very well listen.
  13. I am sure they are good fans and nice people in general but just confused me as fan base overall. Seem to take things a little too seriously.

    Typical of the encounters I had:
    Security line at LAXthis afternoon was a little nuts. Saw a wisconsin fan in his 50s cut in line right front of 2 frogs (and a few dozen others). When one of the frogs nicely called him out on it his response was "look, you are gonna make your flight either way, it shouldn't matter to you so relax lady". She said that was right, it really only mattered concerning his integrity. Wiscy fan then asks in a gruff if she is heading back to Texas and she said "no, Iowa". He did look a little sheepish realizing it was another good Midwestern person not just some dumb hick from tx he was screwing over.

    Just weird to do when you are decked out head to toe in your teams gear.
  14. Agreed. Very sad. And small. This is the "Big" 10?
  15. Not sure you'd get much help there either. This is the same guy in charge of the team that scored 83 and 70 against Indiana and Northwestern and went for 2 against Minnesota while being up by 25 with under 7 minutes to play.

    After a quick look at the box scores, it looks like the NW game was legit as no scoring occurred in the 4th quarter and while backups were in for the 4th quarter against Indiana, they did throw a 74 yard TD pass. Don't understand the going for 2 though against Minny.
  16. Bielema PARTICIPATES in this. The Wisconsin team wouldn't shake our team's hands after the game. That behavior is learned from the coach. We've already learned on this board about how the Wisconsin team commits blocks in the back with the intent to injure against opposing players who may be holding. Wisconsin is TRASHY football program and Bielema is a huge part of the reason.
  17. As an Illinois and Minnesota alum (undergrad and grad), I'm not entirely without bias on this. But the boorish behavior of Wisconsin fans is always good for a couple threads on our boards from week to week (whether talking football, basketball, or hockey). They are so predictable in their unsportsmanlike behavior, you can set your watch to it. They have a perfect match in their football coach, who likewise is known to be a complete stranger to class.
  18. So if Bielema catches our guy "cheating", the instructions are to end the kid's season or worse? Seems reasonable.
  19. No, no you don't understand. It's okay to injure them because they were HOLDING. Against WISCONSIN. If the refs don't call it then the team must take matters into their own hands. Holding is DESPICABLE.

  20. I thought it was great! I love the tradition of the big 10 schools and wish we had a little more of that tradition at TCU. It's curious to me how little tradition there is at TCU and other SW conference teams given our long history. The only thing we seem to have on them is the hand signs. Anyway, I loved watching the band and the fans celebrate even in a loss. Love the loud singing... TCU got to celebrate. The only thing I wondered is if they do that at away games... which this was in some ways...


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