Has anyone seen my specialty plates?

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  1. Again; depends on the car.
    Yellow miata-gay
    yellow Ferrari- sweet
    yellow covette- kinda dooshy
  2. Haas channels his inner Bonner4Prez:


    Not sure how many of y'all watched the end of this tourney, but it was quite spectacular. Very nice to see Lefty/Keegan lose (can't stand either of them). Was pulling for DJ, but he imploded on 18.
  3. I onced dirty danced with this gorgeous gal at a swimmer's party who was from Rusk. She would always talk about Tyler. She would also give me rides to class(from Bellaire Condos).
  4. I'm guessing anyone driving a yellow Ferrari convertible has a pretty good shot of being a doosh
  5. What exactly does this have to do with anything? Is this your attempt to jumpstart a conversation where you tell us all about how you make mad cash playin' chumps on your local par 3?

  6. Close. It's his local putt-putt. Scams 10 yr olds. You should see how many game tokens he's accumulated.
  7. His spider ring collection is unmatched.
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  8. Golf is a more important subject than yellow car dooshes.
  9. That's something someone who is either a liberal or unsuccessful or both would say.

    Look at them; they are successful, they must be a doosh.
    What's wrong with this country? When did we start vilanizing success.
  10. Does liberal = doosh?
  11. How does driving a yellow car denote success? I believe you are getting the points mixed up. My answers have been based on the car being yellow, nothing else
  12. That I get. But I don't think that's what Houston Frog met.

    Also, I still don't think it's fair to judge anyone by what they drive if you don't know the circumstances.
  13. Yes.
  14. No, PurplePainD has got it right and you're completely missing the point

    I already explained to you that being successful has absolutely nothing to do with it. Is there a car that screams, "LOOK AT ME, I MAKE MONEY AND THINK I'M AWESOME!!!" more than a yellow convertible Ferrari?

    You clearly don't "get it"
  15. I would say a red Ferrari or Lamb says look at me more than yellow. But ultimately, anyone complaining about someone driving a car like that is just jealous.
  16. I can't believe this chain is still alive?
  17. Wearing your sunglasses indoor = MAJOR DOOSH.

    I can't stand when I see people inside wearing sunglasses.
  18. What if they are playing poker?

  19. ^^Doesn't get it^^

    I'm jealous of a guy driving a charcoal gray Chevy Silverado 2500HD 4WD, not a yellow Ferrari convertible. This is not the image I'm going for.....

  20. That's fine if that's not your taste; but it doesn't make the guy driving it a doosh.

    There are plenty of doosh bags driving way-to-big trucks screaming "look at me; mines bigger"

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